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When I was very young, I had this plastic riding horse toy that I loved. It was just a piece of molded plastic, a smiling horse on four little black wheels. I rode it through the house and up and down the gravel driveway from dawn til dusk. I was the Lone Ranger. The horse was Silver… painted with a blue polka dot pattern.

By the time I was 4 or 5, Silver was in rough shape, cracked in numerous places, the wheels falling off. Our many adventures had taken a toll on the horse.

Rather than throw Silver in the trash, my dad had other plans. Early one morning, he and I walked out into the woods with Silver in tow. We walked for a long time (or at least it seemed that way to me), out to a secluded section of the forest. There, my father and I built a makeshift stable out of brambles for Silver.

After the stable was finished, we stood there for a while, until my dad broke the silence by saying, “It’s time to say goodbye.” Read More

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Easter… Then and Now

How times have changed. Take a look at these Easter photos old and new.

Easter 1972. I was terrified. But in my defense, the bunny had a HUMAN FACE!

And now. Here I am with my kiddo. At first, I thought he was scared, too, but upon closer examination it looks like he’s smiling gleefully at forcing me to stand so close to the object of my mortal terror.

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How I Know My Son Will Be A Horror Writer

A while back, my son and I made up a game where we would hide from various imaginary monsters. We would get a blanket or sheet, sit on the floor, and listen closely to sounds that weren’t there.

“I hear something outside!” I would say.

“What?” Squish would ask.

“A robot!” I’d shriek, and we’d both dive under the blanket until the threat was gone.

And we’d do this over and over and over again. Squish always had too much fun with it to want to stop.

Over the past months, the game has evolved, with Squish usually choosing the monsters from which we flee. Robot (and his meaner brother, bad robot), pirate, bad choo choo, spider, shark, bad puppy, monster, bad monkey–all of these villains and more attacked without success during our game. We became very skilled at hiding from these creatures.

This morning, the game changed again.

“I hear sumpin,” Squish said.

“What do you hear?” I asked, feigning fright.

“I hear… BAD CHOO CHOO!”

We screamed and giggled and jumped under the covers.

“Daddy?” Squish said. “Where are you?”

He couldn’t see me in the darkness beneath the blanket.

“I’m right here beside you,” I told him, repeating words I had said many times.


“Yeah, Squish?”

As we hid there in the darkness, with silence closing in around us, my son said to me:

I’M the bad choo choo!”

And he jumped at me with a fierce growl.

I’m not sure I’ve ever been so proud.

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