Minimum Carnage!

At Comic-Con International, Marvel announced the upcoming (and fantastically titled) crossover event MINIMUM CARNAGE! There are a number of reasons I’m excited about this. First of all, I’m involved in bringing this story to you. Second of all, I have the chance to co-write a project with Chris Yost once again. Third, I have the chance to work with some characters I’ve wanted to write since looooooong before I started writing comic books professionally.

Now that the cryptic tease is out of the way, how about some details? Read More

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SDCC 2012 Schedule

For those of you coming to Comic Con next week, here’s where you can find me! I hope to see you there!

Thursday, July 12th

12 to 1 pm – Signing @ Marvel Booth, #2329

3 – 4:45 pm – Signing @ Oni Press Booth #1833

Friday, July 13th

12:00 – 1 pm – Oni Press – RevolutiONIze comics panel (Room 32AB)

3 – 4:45 – Signing @ Oni Press Booth #1833

Saturday, July 14th

2 to 3 pm – Signing @ Marvel Booth, #2329

3 – 4:45 pm –  Signing @ Oni Booth #1833

7 – 8 pm – Writers Unite! Pitching Your Creator-Owned Comics (Room 23ABC)

Sunday, July 15th

10 to 11am – Signing @ Marvel Booth, #2329

12:30 to 1:30 pm – Amazing Spider-Man Panel (Room 6DE)

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Sixth Gun Role-playing

I’ve long joked that The Sixth Gun is the Dungeons and Dragons comic book Dungeons and Dragons players wish they could read. I wholeheartedly believe that the book is ripe for role-playing game adaptation. At the very least, I think it could serve as an excellent source of inspiration for fantasy gamers. Today, I discovered a series of Armchair Gamer articles focused on using The Sixth Gun as a resource for a fantasy RPG. The articles have been around for a while. I’m not sure how I missed them. But if you’re a gamer… or you know a gamer who should be reading comics… they are pretty interesting. Read More

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The Power of Hypnosis!

Anyone who knows me knows that I claim to have once performed as “the World’s Youngest Hypnotist”. My dad was a professional stage hypnotist for many years, and at one time he put me on stage as part of the act. I only vaguely remember being part of the show myself, but I do remember quite a few of my dad’s performances. Last week, I visited my folks in North Carolina, and I uncovered an old folder full of memorabilia from his days as a “master of mesmerism”. I didn’t find anything mentioning the amazing spectacle of the “World’s Youngest Hypnotist”, but these still stirred some really great memories. I thought I’d share. These materials are from 1973 and 1974. Read More

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