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This Week’s Comics – 7/24/2013

Posted by cullenbunn on July 23, 2013  /   Posted in Comics, On the Shelves

I almost thought I wouldn’t have any books on the shelves tomorrow! I had completely forgotten that the final issue of THE SIXTH GUN: SONS OF THE GUN hits the stands. With a story by Brian Hurtt and myself, art by Brian Churilla, and colors by Bill Crabtree, the final issue of this spin-off wraps this tale of black hats in a big, bloody shoot-em-up! Read More

This Week’s Comics – 7/10/2013

Posted by cullenbunn on July 08, 2013  /   Posted in Comics, On the Shelves

Here’s a look at the comic books I have coming out this week. Make sure to pick them up from your favorite retailer. And pre-order them for next time! This week, I’m bringing you a double dose of awesome in the form of undead vikings and an army of shieldmaidens! Read More

2012 In Review

Posted by cullenbunn on December 31, 2012  /   Posted in On the Shelves, Writing

A few years ago, a post like this wouldn’t have included much. A few short story “sales” to low circulation magazines… if anything at all. But, as I’ve said many times, things started to change for me when I really buckled down and treated writing like a job. I think it really shows when you look at my work published this past year. Read More

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