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harrow county cover 1Those of you who have been following me for a looooooooooong while might remember the serialized horror tale “Countless Haints.” That story was never finished in prose form, but it lives on! In 2015, I’ll be teaming with the amazing Tyler Crook and Dark Horse Comics to bring the story of “Countless Haints” to life in comic book form! The series, titled HARROW COUNTY, was announced today on Comic Book Resources. Check out the interview and mark your calendars! HARROW COUNTY comes out in April of 2015!

Sinestro Interviews

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SIN_Cv4It seems like I’ve been talking a lot about SINESTRO lately. That’s fine by me, because I’m super excited about the series and about what’s coming up for Sinestro and his Corps!

Give these interviews a read for loads of behind-the-scenes details, hints of things to come, and secrets aplenty!

Comicosity – Cullen Bunn Casts a Shadow on SINESTRO

ComicVine – Cullen Bunn Gets Dark on Sinestro

Newsarama – SINESTRO Writer Talks New Yellow Corps Members, Fall LANTERNS Event


X-Position: Magneto

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magneto9Every now and then, CBR offers readers the chance to pose questions about their favorite mutants. This week, I fielded questions about the Master of Magnetism–Magneto! With AXIS looming on the horizon, there’s lots to learn about the Red Skull, Rogue, the Scarlet Witch, and Magneto’s own convictions!

Check the interview out here!

Third Eye Comics – Pick Three!

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Wanna watch a couple of minutes of me wandering around an awesome comic book shop and geeking out over awesome comics? Well, here ya go! Third Eye Comics in Annapolis has been letting visiting creators do a little shopping–asking them to pick up three books they’ve never read! It’s never a bad idea to try new books, so I loved the experience. Check out the video and let me know what you think of my selections!

March to AXIS!

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Marvel’s next big event is AXIS! The Red Skull, possessing the brain and powers of Charles Xavier, is ready to unleash his master plan!

As you might imagine, the Master of Magnetism has a few things to say about the Red Skull’s apocalyptic intentions, and Issues 9 and 10 of MAGNETO show just how he’s handling the situation.

I’ve done a couple of interviews about the event and how it impacts MAGNETO. spoke with Rick Remender, Al Ewing, and myself. The result is a pretty good summary of what you can expect.

And I spent a little time speaking with Comic Book Resources about Magneto’s involvement in the epic crossover.

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