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Hero Comics Presents… Captain Cosmo!

When I was 12 years old, my pal Doug and I founded HERO COMICS. This was not my first¬†foray¬†into the world of funny books. Years earlier, I had created MATTER MAN on several pages of onion skin paper. And not long after that I wrote and illustrated a 10-issue run of X-Lazer Nights (Yes, “Lazer” with a “Z” and “Nights” with an “N” although I later retconned it into “Knights”). Those books had been done for classroom friends. HERO COMICS was something different. We intended to sell these comics at conventions and make our fortune. We had four books in are line-up: Fatman, Chuck Frog, and Wise Wizard’s Words (an advice comic–for real!). Our flagship character, though, was Captain Cosmo, a superheroic alien with big muscles, a big smile, and an even bigger heart. I still have a couple of copies of Captain Cosmo and Fatman left over from those good old days.

And so… throwing my own personal shame aside… I present for you the entire first issue of Captain Cosmo, written and illustrated by 12-year-old Cullen Bunn.

Publishers can start lining up now to have me relaunch the character… only in the new version he’s much more extreme.

Cover of the first (and only) issue

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