If there’s something you’d like to know that is not covered here, please feel free to contact me.

Do you have an end-point in mind for The Sixth Gun?

I do. The entire series has been outlined and I know how it will end. The series will run somewhere around fifty issues when it is all said and done.

Will there be any more of The Damned?

Brian and I love the world of The Damned and we definitely intend to return to it. I’ve outlined the next arc of the story, and there is a much larger story that I’ve roughed out. The difficulty right now is finding time to do the book without taking time away from The Sixth Gun. We have played around with some ideas to make the next story of Eddie, Morgan, Darcy, Big Al, and company available sooner rather than later, but we haven’t settled on anything yet. Worst case scenario, we’ll return to The Damned once The Sixth Gun is finished.

How can I get by books signed?

One of the best ways to get your books signed is to find me at a convention or signing. I try to keep an up-to-date list of appearances (although sometimes I let this slide). I’m more than happy to sign any of my work that you bring. Sometimes, though, bookstores will ask that you purchase work to be signed from them, and I’ll always defer to the guidelines of my hosts.

We would like to invite you to a store signing or convention. How do we go about doing so?

Send me a message HERE.Keep in mind, my schedule fills up pretty quickly. For conventions and store appearances/signings, travel and boarding are required. That might be negotiable if your location is within 3 hours of St. Louis, Missouri.

If I see you at a convention or signing, is there a limit on the number of books you will sign?

No. I’ll sign pretty much whatever you bring. If, however, you bring a ton of books, I’ll sign their books first (and/or take breaks from signing your books to take care of theirs).

I can’t make it to a signing, but I’m desperate for a signed book!

If you can’t make it to a signing or convention, you can get some signed books from my online shop.

Can I send you a copy of my script or manuscript?

Unfortunately, I can no longer read unsolicited scripts or manuscripts. I’ll happily look at published work, though. I’ll try to get back to you with feedback, too, but please be patient with me.

Do you have any sample scripts or proposals I can see?

Absolutely. Occasionally, I post pieces on my writing process. There are script and proposal examples aplenty to be found in those posts, and you can find them here.

Do you have any details about the TV/movie adaptations of your work?

Nine times out of ten, I know just as much as you do. The wheels turn slowly, but they are turning. I remain cautiously optimistic about the projects that have been announced. I try not to think about it too much. My goal is to write the best stories I can. As soon as I know more, I’ll definitely be posting about it.

Did you really perform as the World’s Youngest Hypnotist?

Yep. My dad was a stage hypnotist for many years. When I was 3 or 4, I was part of the act.

Did you really fight a cougar?

Yep. His name was Eight Ball.

Do you really spend all your time drinking margaritas?

No. I’m a freelance writer. I spend all my time worrying about my next pay check. I dream about spending all my time drinking margaritas.


  1. Matt Henke May 16, 2012 12:49 pm

    Ha ha, that last one sounds about right – but then again, don’t we all dream about spending our time drinking margaritas 😉 Seriously though, I dig the website, dude! Michelle Barbour told me about it when I asked if she knew what you were up to lately. I bought the latest 2 issues of Captain America & Hawkeye but didn’t know you’d done Captain America & Iron Man so I will have to hunt those down as well. I haven’t actively read any monthly books in a long time, but I will be now! Kudos!

  2. John (L.J.) Foster January 31, 2015 9:13 pm

    I saw that you will be attending wonder con, and i am not sure if you will be signing books, but if you are I was wondering if you charge and how many per person are you allowed to sign?
    Thank you for your time,
    John Foster

  3. cullenbunn February 19, 2015 7:07 pm

    I will be signing books! I don’t charge, and I’ll sign as many as you like! All I ask is that if you bring a TON of books, you let me take a break from signing yours in order to sign books who only have a couple.

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