I’m always happy to speak to journalists about my work and life. The information on this page should provide you with the basics, but please feel free to contact me to start the discussion.

Cullen Bunn


I write comic books for Oni Press (The Sixth Gun, HelheimThe Damned, and The Tooth) and Marvel Comics (Fearless Defenders, Deadpool Killustrated, VenomWolverine, and Spider-Man: Season One).

I also write short fiction and novels, including the middle reader horror novel, Crooked Hills and the collection of short horror fiction, Creeping Stones & Other Stories.

My short stories and non-fiction have appeared in dozens of magazines, anthologies, and e-zines. My noir/horror comic (and first collaboration with Brian Hurtt), The Damned, was published in 2007 by Oni Press. The follow-up, The Damned: Prodigal Sons, was released in 2008. Since then, Brian and I have teamed up again on The Sixth Gun, an ongoing supernatural western, and I’ve written other creator-owned series and original graphic novels, such as The Tooth and Helheim.

I’ve worked on several other comic book and graphic novel projects for Marvel, and DC.

In 2011, I became a full-time writer.

Somewhere along the way, I founded Undaunted Press and edited the critically acclaimed small press horror magazine, Whispers from the Shattered Forum.

All writers must pay their dues, and I’ve worked various odd jobs, including Alien Autopsy Specialist, Rodeo Clown, Professional Wrestler Manager, and Sasquatch Wrangler. I’ve also been a Career Consultant, Product and Project Manager, and Director of Marketing. You tell me which career path sounds more exciting.

I grew up in rural North Carolina, but now live in the St. Louis area with my wife Cindy and my son Jackson.

And, yes, I’ve fought for my life against mountain lions and I performed on stage as the World’s Youngest Hypnotist. Buy me a drink sometime, and I’ll tell you all about it.


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  1. simon wood October 3, 2015 4:03 pm


    Long time no chat/see. Glad to see things are going well for you. Hope the family is good.

    All the best,

  2. cullenbunn November 18, 2015 3:42 pm

    Hey, Simon!

    Good to hear from you! Yeah, all is well! Do you still attend WHC? I’ve been thinking of going again.

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