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At Comic-Con International, Marvel announced the upcoming (and fantastically titled) crossover event MINIMUM CARNAGE! There are a number of reasons I’m excited about this. First of all, I’m involved in bringing this story to you. Second of all, I have the chance to co-write a project with Chris Yost once again. Third, I have the chance to work with some characters I’ve wanted to write since looooooong before I started writing comic books professionally.

Now that the cryptic tease is out of the way, how about some details?

MINIMUM CARNAGE is a crossover that will take place over the course of six issues starting in October. It will bring the worlds of Venom and Scarlet Spider crashing together in a major way as Carnage breaks out of prison and ravages not only our world but another universe altogether! Alpha and Omega issues will bookend issues 10 and 11 of Scarlet Spider and 26 and 27 of Venom to bring the bloody sci-fi tale together. Chris and I are plotting together. We are co-writing the Alpha and Omega issues. Chris is handling scripting on Scarlet Spider and I’m scripting Venom (naturally). Lan Medina is handling the art on the bookend issues. Declan Shalvey is drawing Venom, and Khoi Pham is drawing Scarlet Spider.

For tons of information on the crossover, check out these recent interviews!

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The crossover kicks off in October. Please let your comic book retailer know that you don;t want to miss this event. It’s gonna be action-packed and bloody and violent and full of sci-fi weirdness, Spider-guys, and symbiotes! I’ll leave you with a look at some fantastic cover art from the first three issues!

Cover to MINIMUM CARNAGE Alpha! This is where it all begins! (Cover by Clayton Crain)

The story continues in Scarlet Spider #10… (Cover by Ryan Stegman)

…And spills over into Venom #26! (Cover by Patch Zircher)

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