hellbreakcrop My new comic book series HELLBREAK was announced a while back, but due to forces beyond our control, the book was delayed until 2015. That's all right, because in March HELLBREAK will debut in a big way! Not black ops. The blackest of ops. A group of elite soldiers has been recruited by the shadowy Kerberos Corporation for a series of special missions—breaking souls out of Hell and returning them to their bodies… and replacing the evil demons possessing their mortal shells here on Earth. A gothic, action-packed vision of Hell in a new ongoing series that evokes Inception and Aliens by way of John Carpenter from the creative forces of writer Cullen Bunn, artist Brian Churilla, and colorist Dave Stewart! First and foremost, the regular edition of HELLBREAK issue 1 will cost only $1! It's an extra-sized introduction to the series. At that price, why wouldn't you give it a try? There will also be a few special edition variants for the series. Jenny Frison, Cliff Chiang, and Dave Johnson have all contributed special covers for the issue. If retailers order 50 copies of HELLBREAK #1, they unlock the ability to order the Frison variant at will. At a order of 100 copies, they unlock the ability to order the Chiang variant at will. At 150 copies, they can order the Johnson variant at will. Pre-orders for HELLBREAK #1 start on December 15th! Issue #1 goes on sale on March 11th!  

The Macabre Moon Knight

If you know me at all, you know I love Marvel's MOON KNIGHT! In fact, one of the earliest pitches I ever took to Marvel was for "THE MACABRE MOON KNIGHT," a decidedly horrific take on the character. Well, it looks like I'll finally get the chance to write a Moon Knight story, as I'll be taking over the series for a 5-issue run! Comic Book Resources has the exclusive first interview!



Last year, we ran a short THE SIXTH GUN Christmas yarn on Comic Book Resources. the strip ran over the course of a few weeks. This year, I'm collecting all the strips here for your enjoyment. I hope you dig them! And--remember--THE SIXTH GUN makes a great gift!


sg-christmas-6 sg-christmas-7sg-christmas-8sg-christmas-9

Return of the Living Deadpool

Just announced at New York Comic Con, the sequel to Night of the Living Deadpool ! This time around, artist Nicole Virella and I will continue the story that ended with the world full of Deadpool zombies. Just how can the merc come back? Find out by pre-ordering the book from your local comic shop and check out the preview below.  

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