Cable and X-Force

cableandxforcevol3Issues 12 & 13 Written by Cullen Bunn and Dennis Hopeless, Art by Salvador Larroca and Frank D’Armata

Domino and Colossus team up for the heist of the century! But will their mounting feelings for one another keep them from pulling of their mission?


It’s a Summers Family Reunion when Cable and Havok come face to face! Can Cable convince his uncle that his cause is just? Elsewhere, Hope embarks upon a futuristic adventure – with an unexpected mentor!

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Read the first four pages of Cable and X-Force #12 here.

Read the first three pages of Cable and X-Force #13 here.


CBR: Dennis Hopeless Interview

“Bunn delivers some fun banter between Forge and Doctor Nemesis”

Jesse Schedeen, IGN

“Before this series, no one would have imagined Colossus and Domino hooking up. Somehow, it’s kinda working.”

-Andy Hunsaker, Crave Online


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