Captain America

captainamericaprisonersofwarcaptainamericavolume4I wrote a few stories/issues of the main CAPTAIN AMERICA series, including co-writing the final arc with Ed Brubaker.

My first foray was a short story (illustrated by Jason Latour). The story, titled “Spin”, appeared in CAPTAIN AMERICA (Vol. 1) #616. You can read that story as part of the PRISONER OF WAR collectionbuy-from-tan[1]

or digitally in the single issue.  comixology


Later, I co-wrote issues 15 – 18 of Volume 4 with Ed Brubaker.

Captain America faces his greatest challenge yet – from the American people! TV pundit Bill Braxton is calling for Cap’s retirement, and the populace is taking his message to heart. Meanwhile, the mysterious, super-powered terrorists known as the Discordians are striking U.S. targets. Torn between discovering the truth and saving a citizenry calling for his head, Cap’s spirit is tested to its limit! It’s the end of an era as Ed Brubaker’s powerful, years-long run reaches its stunning conclusion!

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