Deadpool Kills Deadpool

marvel-deadpool-kills-deadpool-tpb-1The final act of the Deadpool Killogy begins! Deadpool sets his sites on the ultimate target…himself! Contains over 700% of your daily recommended Deadpool!

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Comicosity- “Bunn Is Dying To Have Deadpool Kills Deadpool In Your Hands”


“I have to give the creative talent here all the credit in the world for telling that story with the perfect blend of humor and seriousness.”

4/5 Stars for issue #4 from Comic Vine

“Bunn and Espin definitely have embraced the idea of leaving the people wanting more.”

– 9/10 for issue #4 from Comicosity

“Not only is Deadpool Kills Deadpool a fitting final installment of the Deadpool Killogy, it stands pretty well on its own too.”


Bunn & Espin meeting for the first time, in person, at NYCC 2013

4/5 Sharkpools for issue #2 from Panels on Pages  

“There is some satisfaction in reading a story that embraces the idea of Deadpool’s overexposure and making it the crux of the metatextual conflict.”

– 8/10 for issue #1 from IGN  

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