Grave Lilies

Grave Lilies #1 Cvr A

Grave Lilies #1
(W) Cullen Bunn (A/CA) George Kambadais
Item Code: OCT162100

In the aftermath of a mysterious explosion that tears through a major metropolitan area, five stasis tubes are discovered. The coffin-like containers are empty, but each is branded with a woman’s name. These women have wandered away from the disaster without a scratch – and with no memory of who they are. They discover that they each possess a remarkable ability. The ability to charm the masses, the power to control plant life, the gift of healing, supernatural senses, and unbelievable physical strength. They’ll need these powers, too, because they are pursued by sinister agencies that want to apprehend them before they learn the shocking truth of their origins and the destiny that awaits them.

“Cullen Bunn has graduated from an indie stalwart to veteran comics creator, and this series looks set to be another fine addition to an already impressive resume.” – Comics Alliance


Grave Lilies #1 Cvr B

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