magneto11MAGNETO #11
Writer: Cullen Bunn
Art by Gabriel Walta

AXIS tie-in!
• The Red Skull is sending the world into a spiral of destruction…and Magneto is one of a handful of heroes with the means to stop him!
• But will the Master of Magnetism also crumple before the maniac who’s using the formidable telepathic powers of his deceased best friend to usher in his new, terrifying Reich Eternal?
• With the grudge personal on MANY levels, Magneto is amply motivated to be the one to take down the Skull once and for all!
32 PGS./Parental Advisory …$3.99

magneto9Magneto #7
Writer: Cullen Bunn
Cover Artist: Declan Shalvey
Art by Gabriel Walta
Published: July 16, 2014

  • Magneto is on a one-man mission to safeguard the future of mutantkind by any means necessary. So far, he’s done so by eliminating human threats…
  • But what happens when it’s MUTANTS who pose a threat to their own species?

Will Magneto cross a line and raise his hand to his own kind? And if so, just how far will he go?


Erik Lehnsherr is judge, jury, and executioner this March when he makes his All-New Marvel NOW! debut in MAGNETO #1 – a haunting new ongoing series from the blockbuster creative team of Cullen Bunn (Wolverine, Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe) and Gabriel Hernandez Walta (Astonishing X-Men)!

He’s been called many things – hero, villain, teacher, revolutionary, redeemer, destroyer. Now he walks a different path. One of the hunter – seeking out and eliminating threats to the Mutant race with extreme prejudice. And the Master of Magnetism is more than ready to get his hands dirty in the service of his people.



“He’s not above breaking the law, stretching the limits of what is moral and putting evil to work for good,” says Bunn in an interview with “How readers interpret his actions, whether they see him as a hero, anti-hero, or villain, is one of the things I’m really excited about with this book.”


All-New Marvel NOW! Q & A: Magneto



Cullen Bunn Digs Deep Into MAGNETO


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Magneto-concept-art Reviews:

“It’s moody and beautiful. It’s incredibly accessible for new readers to the character, while it also touches upon the legacy of the character for longtime fans.”

– 9.5/10, for #3 Comicosity

“MAGNETO is a book you don’t expect but one that you need.”

– 10/10, for #2 Comic Vine

“It’s just good storytelling.”

-9/10 for #2 Newsarama

“This is a Magneto both haunted by demons and driven by a new mission. He’s simultaneously at his weakest and more dangerous and unpredictable than ever.”

– 8.5/10 for #2, IGN

“…a real street level feel that I never expected to see from a book starring one of the greatest superhero villains ever…”

– 9.5/10 for #1 from Comicosity

“It’s his complexity that has made him one of Marvel’s most compelling and tragic characters, and, in this debut issue, Cullen Bunn rightly embraces Magneto‘s dichotomy”

-10/10 for #1 from Newsarama

“Bunn shows just enough to keep it interesting, but keeps enough in the shadows to keep us guessing.”

– 9/10 for #1  from Crave Online



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