Night of the Living Deadpool

dp1 Issue #3 will be available February 19, 2014! Both Issues #1 & #2 are going back for a second printing.

Deadpool awakens from a food coma to find…THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE HAS OCCURRED! Can the Merc with the Mouth avoid becoming the Merc in their Mouths? Writer of the DEADPOOL KILLOGY Cullen Bunn brings us to one of Deadpool’s darkest tales ever…and not just because it’s in black & white (and red)!

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“…balances out the humor with moments of darkness and despair”


“It’s really something to look at”

Issue 2-Akshay Dhar,

“…we literally have no idea what to expect next, so he’s definitely done a fine job hooking my curiosity.”

4/5 stars for Issue 1-Gregg Katzman,

“It’s always great to see a reminder that Wade’s so much more than a clown with a healing factor.”

5/5 stars for Issue 2-Gregg Katzman,

“Deadpool is a playful character, and Bunn is the best there is at using him to play with everything from literary history to the nature of human existence.”

9/10 for Issue 1-Alison Berry,


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