The Damned

During the prohibition era, gangsters grew rich on vices of the people, and rivalries between criminal organizations resulted in open war. But unknown to the masses, a more sinister power controlled the crime cartels, using greed, gluttony, lust, and other sins to fuel a much more lucrative trade: mortal souls. Three demon families (the Aligheris, the Roarkes, and the Verlochin) control soul-trafficking within the city, capitalizing on “the rackets” to lead unfortunates into their grasp and poor Eddie is caught in the middle?

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‘The Damned’ Interviews:

I’ll Be ‘The Damned’- Cullen Bunn Talks “Prodigal Sons”

Praise for The Damned:

“I absolutely devoured the first collected volume from Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt, and once I had finished with it, I wanted to read it again.”

– Rack Raids

“Every now and then, you run across a concept that just clicks, from the moment you first hear it. That’s the case with The Damned, which combines soul-trafficking demons with the vivid look and feel of prohibition-era crime, resulting in a book that reads like a cross between Hellblazer and The Untouchables… In every aspect, from characters to clothing to backdrops, Hurtt perfectly sells the period… Bunn and Hurtt succeed in crafting a period piece with a twist, dropping an intriguing noir plot populated with interesting characters into a setting both real and at the same time fantastic.”

  –Comic Pants

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