The Tooth

Face front, horror hounds! The greatest of ghoulish gladiators gouges a gruesome gangway through your guts in the Grand Guignol tradition! CREEPY Cullen Bunn, SINISTER Shawn Lee, and MURDEROUS Matt Kindt bring you the most spectacular of horrifying heroes — The Tooth! Be the first kid on your block to follow the off-beat adventures of the Incredible Inciscor… the Monstrous Molar… the Courageous Carnassial… as he squares off against vicious demons, hell-bent sorcerers, vengeful spirits, and undead dragons! This new macabre myth cycle springs to life as only Oni Press can bring it to you!

THE TOOTH is a throwback to the horror hero comics of the 70s and 80s. We wanted to do a much that evoked the memories of finding a stack of moldy old horror comics in a box at the flea market. The result was this massive hardcover edition, the epic tale of an everyday average guy… who just happens to have a giant, demon-fighting tooth living in his mouth.

Sample 44 pages of THE TOOTH:
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