Script: Helheim #1

Posted by cullenbunn on January 26, 2014  /   Posted in Comics, Process

helheim1It’s about time I shared another of my scripts, don’t ya think?

Presented here is the entire script for the first issue. I haven’t changed a thing since I first sent it off, so you’ll see all the errors and typos in their ugly glory. It might be interesting for you to compare this script to the script for The Sixth Gun, which I posted some time ago.

If you haven’t read Helheim, now’s the time! You can purchase issues on ComiXology right now. Read the first issue to compare the art to the script, then read all the rest because, y’know, they’re awesome.

Here’s the script!

Helheim 1 (.doc format)

I hope this is helpful! If you’re an artist interested in putting together sample pages based on this script, I’d love to see what you do! If you’re a writer, please let me know if this proved useful for you! For more about my process, check out the “plot to script” post i did a few weeks back!


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  1. Max Svalgard January 31, 2016 2:50 am

    I’m currently writing my first comic and I just wanted to thank you for putting your proposal as well as script online. I love your writing for Harrow County and through research found out you also wrote minimum carnage. You’re work is very inspirational and thank you for everything.

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