Black Widow

Five Reasons To Buy…

I’m shamelessly stealing this idea from my good pal Francesco Francavilla. I have a few books hitting the shelves today, and here are a few great reasons you should be picking them up!

Captain America and Black Widow #636

  • The start of a new story arc! And it’s gonna be a crazy one! This makes a perfect jumping on point!
  • Fantastic art… and I mean simply fantastic… by Francesco Francavilla! Read More
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First Look at Fear Itself: Black Widow

What’s that you say? You love sexy super spies? Well, you’re in luck! Marvel has posted a sneak peek at my upcoming Black Widow one-shot, FEAR ITSELF: BLACK WIDOW #1!

As Fear Itself’s grip tightens around the globe, a maniacal group of extremists hold Marseilles under hostage. The clock is ticking as Marvel’s deadliest super spy must infiltrate the group’s base before nuclear destruction hits! But Black Widow must overcome not just deadly mercenaries, but the fear-stricken citizens of Marseilles! Writer Cullen Bunn and artist Peter Nguyen take Natasha Romanova on her deadliest mission yet in FEAR ITSELF: BLACK WIDOW #1!

Make sure you check the book out when it hits the shelves in a couple of weeks!

Written by CULLEN BUNN
Penciled by PETER NGUYEN
Rated T+…$3.99
FOC—6/6/11, ON SALE 7/12/11

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Interview Round-Up 5/3/2011!

Everything you ever wanted to know about me but were afraid (or too titillated) to ask! Here are some links to the most recent interviews I’ve done. Topics range from Fear Itself to The Sixth Gun to replacement body parts!

Tuesday Q&A With Marvel– Water covers 71% of the world’s surface, but when an undersea dweller becomes one of The Serpent’s Worthy, Namor finds out even the ocean’s not big enough for the two of them. Read this short piece to get some juicy tidbits on my Defenders story!

Multiversity Comics Spoiler Alert – Topics of this podcast interview include The Sixth Gun, Superman/Batman (and who would win in a fight), Fear Itself: Black Widow, and Fear Itself: The Deep!

WarRocket Ajax – Halfway Through, Set Someone on Fire! – A rare podcast appearance by both Brian Hurtt and myself! We talk about The Sixth Gun and everything else under the sun, then field some questions via Twitter!

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Upcoming Projects

What the Hell’s been keeping me busy? Well, let me show you.

It’s going to be a busy summer, and I wanted to take a few minutes to share the cover art for a few new projects I have coming out. I’m very excited about each and every one of these, and I hope you’ll rush to your comic shop and pick them up when they hit the stands.

I’ve placed the books in a rough release schedule. The dates, of course, are always subject to change.

May 18

The final issue of my Superman/Batman arc comes out on the 18th of May. I’m a little blue to see this one come to an end. I would have liked to expand that story to as many issues as they would have given me!

May 25

The Tooth, which I’ve mentioned numerous times, comes out on May 25th!

June 1

In early June, the first issue of Fear Itself: The Deep comes out, as I’ve mentioned before.

June 15

The second trade paperback collection of The Sixth Gun hits the shelves in June! It collects issues 7 – 11, presenting a story of New Orleans, voodoo, spirits, and the revelation of the true power of The Six! It will be a weird feeling to finally have a second volume of my work!

Collecting issues #7 – #11 of the hit new series by Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt! General Hume has been defeated and the six mystical guns are now in the possession of our heroes. But Hume is too evil to stay dead for long, and the power of the guns come at a terrible price. In the haunted bayous around New Orleans, Drake, Becky, and Gord hunt for a way to rid themselves of the cursed weapons while evil forces conspire all around them. Read More

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Weekend Update, April 3

I was at comic conventions the past two weekends, and my schedule has been way off. I’m not sure how some people manage going to conventions week after week while getting work done! I need them to share some secrets with me!

Here are a few updates and interesting tidbits you might be interested in:

CBR TV interviewed Jim Zubkavich (of Skullkickers fame) and me during C2E2. I ramble on about The Sixth Gun, Fear Itself: Black Widow, and Fear Itself: The Deep!

And speaking of rambling on at C2E2, I spoke to MTV Geek about a number of projects, including Superman/Batman, The Tooth, and The Sixth Gun.

During C2E2, I participated in a panel on Horror Comics Today. They recorded the panel, and you can watch all six parts of it here:

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

If you’re in the mood for a non-video interview (I know I am), you might want to give this interview with The Outhouse a read. I chatted with them about The Sixth Gun, Superman/Batman, Fear Itself, and transitioning to writing full-time.

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