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Borrow Crooked Hills on Kindle… for NOTHIN’!

If you have an Amazon Prime account, you can now download my middle reader horror novel Crooked Hills to your Kindle for FREE!  If you’re not already a Prime member, you can start a free trial and still download the book! I’ve had a Prime membership for a few years now, and I love it. The free 2-day shipping on anything fulfilled by Amazon is great, and there are many other benefits (like the Kindle lending library).

For more information on Crooked Hills, check out this page!

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In Case You Blinked – 1/17/2012

A new year! And a few new things you might have missed around the web!

  • Monster Librarian has chosen Crooked Hills as one of the top reads for kids of 2012. They went so far as to give the book special recognition as being reviewed highly by more than one of their reviewers.
  • Broken Frontier has unveiled the winners of the Broken Frontier Awards for 2012, and I’ve been selected as the Best Writer (independent) for The Sixth Gun.
I’m honored that those folks thought so much of my work, and I want to thank everyone who helped make those selections possible!
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In Case You Blinked – 12/29/2011

Here are a few items that have popped up around the web that might be of interest.

  • Comic Book Resources has posted a new interview with me about Fear Itself: The Fearless.
  • I spoke with Mark Justice and the Pod of Horror about Crooked Hills, The Sixth Gun, Fear Itself: The Fearless and a bunch of other stuff.
  • I also spent some time talking about writing and The Sixth Gun on Fictional Frontiers.
Now… from the realm of brutal honesty and “It’s about damn time”…
It’s that time of year when “Best Of” Lists start popping up all over the internet. I’m not going to be modest here. I think The Sixth Gun got robbed of many a nod last year. I’ve seen a bunch of lists that have popped up this year that are woefully forgetful of my little western/fantasy mash-up. I’m proud of the book. I believe it’s one of the best on the market. I could be more humble, sure, but where has that gotten me so far?
Way back during the 1986 Oscars, Paul Hogan made a speech that has stuck with me ever since. Here it is as a point of reference:

Yeah, I feel ya, Crocodile Dundee.

Anyhow, this year, the super-keen website Four Colors & The Truth has posted a list of the Best Comics of the Year and the Best Graphic Novels of the Year. Take a look. The Sixth Gun and The Tooth both make an appearance. Also, CBR is counting down the Top 100 Comics of the Year, and The Sixth Gun comes in at #28! There are some pretty great books on the list, and it’s nice to be ranked among them!

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In Case You Blinked – 11/26/2011

Here are a few items that have popped up around the web that might be of interest.

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Happy Halloween From Crooked Hills!

As a special Halloween treat, Earwig Press has released a free 8-page comic presenting a brand new Crooked Hills adventure! “Raw Head & Bloody Bones” is the perfect way to spice up your day while waiting to head out trick-or-treating. Give it a read!

In addition, I spoke with the folks at The Outhousers about the series. To learn a little more about the the first book and our future plans, check it out!

And if you haven’t bought the first prose novel yet, now’s your chance! It’s available digitally and in trade paperback here!

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