USA Today’s SINESTRO Interview

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The first issue of SINESTRO comes out on Wednesday! In advance of the series launch, I took a few minutes to talk to USA TODAY about the DC Universe’s most narcissistic character! Hints about Sinestro’s motivation, the reintroduction of the Yellow Lanterns, the role of Parallax, and more abound in this article.

Give it a read!

In addition, series artist Dale Eaglesham took time out of his schedule to talk about the book with Comic Book Resources.

Check out his interview here!

And make sure to head to your local comic book shop on Wednesday to get in on the ground floor of this epic new series!

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More Sinestro Details!


Artist Dale Eaglesham and I spoke with Comic Book Resources about the upcoming SINESTRO series from DC. Give the interview a read to get a hint of what we have in store for the greatest lantern of two Corps.

Also, the second issue has been solicited, and here’s a look at what you’ll find in that issue!

Sinestro’s face-to-face with the Yellow Lanterns, the Corps he built in his own image – but does he like what he sees? Or does he look upon his works and despair? It’s time to find out if the Sinestro Corps is strong enough for the mission he has in mind for them – and if they’re not, then they won’t stand a chance against the growing threat of the Pale Vicars!

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In Blackest Day, In Brightest Night…

SINESTRO_Cv1It was announced today that I’ll be writing DC’s new series SINESTRO!

I couldn’t be more excited in the direction that series artist Dale Eaglesham and I are cooking up. I’ll be doing some interviews in the days to come, so I’ll keep details under wraps for now. Trust me, though, this is going to be one helluva story! I can’t wait to share it with you!

Here’s the Newsarama announcement.

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve done anything with DC. I’m very happy to be working on another book for them… and this one is right in my wheelhouse!

The first issue comes out on April 16th!

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Superman/Batman #84 Comes Out This Week

The final issue of my Sorcerer Kings arc comes out this Wednesday, and CBR has an exclusive preview!

I loved working on this arc. I was able to write a few characters that I genuinely love… including a few more obscure heroes and villains. In particular, this issue features a beast that I’m pretty sure hasn’t seen a comic book page since 70s! You can start placing your bets for the monster I dredged up!

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Interview Round-Up 5/3/2011!

Everything you ever wanted to know about me but were afraid (or too titillated) to ask! Here are some links to the most recent interviews I’ve done. Topics range from Fear Itself to The Sixth Gun to replacement body parts!

Tuesday Q&A With Marvel– Water covers 71% of the world’s surface, but when an undersea dweller becomes one of The Serpent’s Worthy, Namor finds out even the ocean’s not big enough for the two of them. Read this short piece to get some juicy tidbits on my Defenders story!

Multiversity Comics Spoiler Alert – Topics of this podcast interview include The Sixth Gun, Superman/Batman (and who would win in a fight), Fear Itself: Black Widow, and Fear Itself: The Deep!

WarRocket Ajax – Halfway Through, Set Someone on Fire! – A rare podcast appearance by both Brian Hurtt and myself! We talk about The Sixth Gun and everything else under the sun, then field some questions via Twitter!

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