Lost Highways – “Outrunning the End”

I am thrilled to announce that my weird (and I mean WEIRD!) horror tale “Outrunning the End” will be appearing in the pages of LOST HIGHWAYS: DARK FICTIONS FROM THE ROAD.

The book features some amazing talent, and I am proud to be in their company. The collection features–you guessed it!–stories of terror from the road.

For up-to-date details on the project, follow the LOST HIGHWAYS Facebook page here:


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A Passage in Black & Other Stories

I’m very excited to announce that a new collection of my short fiction will be published by Omahabound, both in a lovely trade paperback and a very limited hardcover edition. This massive tome collects 27 stories, ranging from the absurd to the cosmically horrific. The stories are illustrated by Tim Mayer. Tim also did the cover of the trade paperback, while Tyler Crook did the cover of the limited edition.

From the official press release:


About the Collection: 

A Passage in Black & Other Stories collects 27 stories; 8 never-before published and 19 only released in small press. Accompanying the stories are 23 illustrations by illustrator Tim Mayer. These stories are back-woods horror, creepy, and terrifying tales that only Cullen Bunn could tell!

Also available is a Special Edition Hardcover (with cover art by Tyler Crook) limited to 100 copies, available only through OmahaBound.

About Cullen Bunn:

Cullen Bunn is best known as the writer of graphic novels and comic books for Oni Press, Dark Horse, Marvel Comics, DC, Boom! Entertainment, Image Comics, and Aftershock! Comics.

He also wrote the middle reader horror novel, Crooked Hills.

About Tim Mayer: 

Tim is a freelance illustrator whose credits include Prophetica, The Anywhere Man, and Oldguy: Superhero. He has also designed book covers for The Surface series and Midnight Circus.

About OmahaBound: 

OmahaBound produces and showcases distinct work in the comic book and related fields through publishing, events, and supporting local and independent creators. Visit for more information and to see other projects.


The trade paperback will be $18, 398 pages, Cover and Interior Illustrations by Tim Mayer. Available on Amazon and at

The Special Edition Hard Cover will be $100, Limited to 100 copies, Cover by Tyler Crook, Interior Illustrations by Tim Mayer. Available at

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Followers of the Serpent

What follows (no pun intended) is the first piece of short fiction that I ever sold. I had been paid money to write before. My first paid writing gigs were articles for Fangoria and White Wolf Magazine. But this was the first time I’d been paid money for one of my short stories!

“Followers of the Serpent” was a Lovecraftian/western mash-up slated to appear in Eldritch Tales Magazine. The tale is an obvious homage to Joe R. Lansdale’s “Dead in the West,” a story I read (and still read) over and over again. Read More

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Video – “Come Again, Halloween”

To celebrate Halloween, I’m posting a reading of one of my short stories. If you’ve got 20 minutes or so, I hope you’ll check it out!

This time around, I’m reading “Come Again, Halloween.” This is a tribute to all the things that make Halloween special to me. This story appears, along with twelve others, in the pages of CREEPING STONES & OTHER STORIES, released just this week from Evileye Books!

It’s been a long time since I did a reading, so I feel a little rusty, but I hope you enjoy it!

If you dig the story, I hope you’ll check out the collection. You can order your copy on Amazon!

Come Again, Halloween from Cullen Bunn on Vimeo.

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The Best Costumes Are Homemade (A Mrs. Friedly Story)

I’m posting some old Mrs. Friedly stories in honor of Halloween! If you like these stories, you should definitely check out CREEPING STONES & OTHER STORIES,  a collection of short horror tales that was just released this week! You can order it here.

The Best Costumes Are Homemade
By Cullen Bunn

Mrs. Friedly had been feeling quite festive, but the children were raising such a fuss that she was growing cross. She took a deep breath, though, and reminded herself that it was, after all, her favorite holiday. She refused to let it be spoiled. She picked a piece of candy from the bowl on the kitchen table and plopped it into her mouth. She instantly felt better.

But the children still whined and mewled.

“Now, now, my sweet ones,” Mrs. Friedly said, “I’m afraid this really is a necessity. I know you love the costumes we’ve made, but it is simply too cold out, and you must wear your jackets.”

The children moaned and sighed, whimpered and cried. Mrs. Friedly clucked her tongue as she gathered their jackets. Read More

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