Sinestro Interviews

SIN_Cv4It seems like I’ve been talking a lot about SINESTRO lately. That’s fine by me, because I’m super excited about the series and about what’s coming up for Sinestro and his Corps!

Give these interviews a read for loads of behind-the-scenes details, hints of things to come, and secrets aplenty!

Comicosity – Cullen Bunn Casts a Shadow on SINESTRO

ComicVine – Cullen Bunn Gets Dark on Sinestro

Newsarama – SINESTRO Writer Talks New Yellow Corps Members, Fall LANTERNS Event


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X-Position: Magneto

magneto9Every now and then, CBR offers readers the chance to pose questions about their favorite mutants. This week, I fielded questions about the Master of Magnetism–Magneto! With AXIS looming on the horizon, there’s lots to learn about the Red Skull, Rogue, the Scarlet Witch, and Magneto’s own convictions!

Check the interview out here!

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Interview Round-Up

The Sixth Gun #41

A couple of new interviews have gone live in the last few days, covering everything from THE EMPTY MAN to THE SIXTH GUN to MAGNETO.

Geeked Out Nation and I discussed SINESTRO, MAGNETO, and THE SIXTH GUN.

Geek Sushi posted a lengthy interview on everything from THE SIXTH GUN to GODZILLA: CATACLYSM to BRIDES OF HELHEIM!

There are more announcements, news bits, and interviews to come! Stay tuned!

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The Washington Post: Magneto Interview


This week, X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST hit theaters, and moviegoers can get a heaping helping of the Master of Magnetism on-screen. But if that’s not enough for you, you should check out my comic series MAGNETO.

I spoke with The Washington Post about the series. The interview goes into detail on the pitch process, the tone of the series, and the appeal of the bad guy.

Give it a read HERE when you get the chance!

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