Magneto vs. SHIELD (Newsarama Interview)


In just a few short weeks, the first issue of MAGNETO will hit the stands! In the meantime, I spoke with Newsarama about the series, revealing some of my thoughts on what makes a guy like Magneto tick.

Check out the interview, which includes a look at some of the art for the second issue!

And here’s a hint of things to come in the second issue:

• Horrors from Magneto’s past inform his decisions in the present as he hunts down the source of the newest threat to mutantkind.

• Meanwhile, S.H.I.E.L.D. catches a glimpse of Magneto’s new band of followers…

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DEADPOOL KILLS DEADPOOL may be drawing to a close, but my time with the Merc With a Mouth is not over! In January, a new four-issue series, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEADPOOL launches. As you can probably tell by the title (and the preview art) this time Deadpool goes head-to-head with a horde of flesh-eating zombies!

This January, Deadpool goes where no Deadpool has gone before – to the…dead? Marvel is proud to present your first look at NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEADPOOL #1 from Cullen Bunn, the writer behind the trilogy of DEADPOOL KILLS THE MARVEL UNIVERSEDEADPOOL KILLUSTRATED, and DEADPOOL KILLS DEADPOOL and artist Ramon Rosanas!

After waking up from a pretty epic food coma, our hero finds himself in the middle of the zombie apocalypse! And Deadpool’s not the only one with a full belly – there’s plenty of brainless eating machines just looking for their next good meal! Nothing says “tasty meal” like a mutant who can re-grow his flesh! 

Don’t miss one of Deadpool’s darkest tales yet…and not just because it’s in black and white! Can the Merc with the Mouth avoid becoming the Merc in their Mouths? Find out this January when Deadpool takes on the undead in NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEADPOOL #1!  Read More

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SDCC – Bad News, Good News

First, the bad news. I will not be able to attend Comic-Con International: San Diego this year. I really wanted to make it to this event. I was even gonna make a little vacation out of it. But it’s not gonna happen this year, folks. I hope everyone who goes has a great time! Hopefully, I’ll see you there next year!

Of course, now I have to see who I can convince to grab me a copy of the item mentioned in this good news!

At the convention, Marvel will be releasing a limited Gurihuru variant edition of DEADPOOL KILLS DEADPOOL #1. It’s pretty awesome, because who doesn’t want to see Deadpool surrounded by superhero ponies?

Gurihuru puts Deadpool in a nightmare situation – surrounded by ponies, dressed as and featuring the powers of Marvel super heroes! This is a must own cover for any Deadpool fan! (Only 1,500 copies printed) Price: $10.00 Read More

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