The Sixth Gun Almanac

The Sixth Gun Almanac, Part Three

Tarot de Lamarliere

In the wrong hands, this deck of strange fortune-teller’s cards might very well be one of the most dangerous artifacts in the west … and it originated in Revolutionary France of all places. These lavishly illustrated tarot cards (some, like The Lovers, so lavishly illustrated as to make a grown man blush like a choir boy) were created by an artist and mystic who was down on his luck. Someone who knows how to use the cards can work amazing feats. I’m not sure how it works—something to do with how the cards are positioned and the amount of space between the cards when they are placed on the table—but not only can the user divine the future, he or she can control fate and probability. There are stories of people using the cards to grow wealthy, find love, kill enemies … and, I’d suspect, start revolutions. The Tarot de Lamarliere was last seen in the possession of a fortune teller out of San Francisco. The man was recently found dead, though, and the cards were not found amongst his possessions. I shudder to think of who has the cards and what they might be doing with them.

                                                                                                                                                (Appears in The Sixth Gun #1)

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The Sixth Gun Almanac, Part Two

Entry 2: Screaming Crow

A few years back, I met a Navajo who claimed to be the grandson of Screaming Crow. I can’t say for sure if he was telling the truth, but I don’t see why he’d have reason to lie. Anyway, he told me that Screaming Crow, this great medicine man who had tamed the Thunderbirds, was still alive, only he was hiding on account of all the people who wanted to kill him and steal his power. Thing is, if Screaming Crow was alive, that would make him well over one-hundred and twenty-five years old. Most people—myself included—believe Screaming Crow was killed and beheaded by members of the McGentry gang, to whom he owed a gambling debt. Since his supposed death, no fewer than eight shrunken Screaming Crow heads have appeared among collectors and sideshows alike. It’s said that when the head is rinsed in warm blood, the lips begin to twitch and the long-dead shaman will answer any one question. Of course, almost every head that’s been found has been fake—usually a shriveled up apple with some hair glued on top. But who knows? Maybe one of those heads is real after all … or maybe Screaming Crow, old though he may be, is still alive and well.

                                                                                                                                                (Appears in The Sixth Gun #1)

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The Sixth Gun Almanac, Part One

A while back, I started putting together a guide to the characters, objects, creatures, and places that have appeared in The Sixth Gun. I’m not sure what I originally intended to do with the guide, but I thought I’d start sharing it, bit by bit, here. Some of the entries (like this first one) reference more obscure aspects of the series. Others may flesh out some of the more easily recognizable story elements. The goal is to continue to build the world in which Becky, Drake, Gord, and Billjohn adventure.

Entry 1: The Fool’s Lantern

Much blood has been spilled over the Fool’s Lantern, and it’s likely best that the damned thing stay hidden for all time. What appears to be a common hooded lantern is in actuality a powerful and dangerous oracle. It is said that when light is shown through the cracked glass of the lantern, the shadows upon the walls spell out secrets. Some say the lantern shows ghostly images of events past, present, and future. Others claim maps appear in the interplay of light and shadow. There have been stories aplenty, though, of those who stared too long and too deeply at the lantern’s revelations. Many of those poor souls are driven mad by what they see … while others vanish altogether and are never heard from again. Who can say if one fate is more desirable than the other? The lantern is cold to the touch. When it is lit, the smoke it emits takes on oozing phantom shapes. The lantern vanished some fifteen years ago, and for that I say good riddance. Still, there are those who continue to seek it out. I only hope they never find the blasted thing.

                                                                                                           (Appears in The Sixth Gun #1)

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