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In Case You Blinked – 12/29/2011

Here are a few items that have popped up around the web that might be of interest.

  • Comic Book Resources has posted a new interview with me about Fear Itself: The Fearless.
  • I spoke with Mark Justice and the Pod of Horror about Crooked Hills, The Sixth Gun, Fear Itself: The Fearless and a bunch of other stuff.
  • I also spent some time talking about writing and The Sixth Gun on Fictional Frontiers.
Now… from the realm of brutal honesty and “It’s about damn time”…
It’s that time of year when “Best Of” Lists start popping up all over the internet. I’m not going to be modest here. I think The Sixth Gun got robbed of many a nod last year. I’ve seen a bunch of lists that have popped up this year that are woefully forgetful of my little western/fantasy mash-up. I’m proud of the book. I believe it’s one of the best on the market. I could be more humble, sure, but where has that gotten me so far?
Way back during the 1986 Oscars, Paul Hogan made a speech that has stuck with me ever since. Here it is as a point of reference:

Yeah, I feel ya, Crocodile Dundee.

Anyhow, this year, the super-keen website Four Colors & The Truth has posted a list of the Best Comics of the Year and the Best Graphic Novels of the Year. Take a look. The Sixth Gun and The Tooth both make an appearance. Also, CBR is counting down the Top 100 Comics of the Year, and The Sixth Gun comes in at #28! There are some pretty great books on the list, and it’s nice to be ranked among them!

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Nothing But The Tooth

From the archives!

Here’s a letter that never saw publication in The Tooth letters column. The letter (and the response from all three Tooth creators) only surfaced yesterday. It is printed here for the sake of expanding the rich history of this great horror classic.

Dear Nothing But The Tooth,

Try as I might, I have yet to find issue #41 of The Tooth, so I must ask my burning question directly!  Back in issue 36, Graham mentioned he could taste the gore when the Tooth returned to his mouth!  In issue 38, the Tooth then fought Vampires!  Now, frequently, people are turned into vampires by drinking the blood of a vampire (well, in the movies at least), and the last issue I could find, it was still the same night as the vampire fight.  Come the next morning, did Graham find the sun unbearable because the Tooth unwittingly caused him to ingest Vampiric essence?!

–‘Molar’ less at the end of my wits over this ‘cavity’ in my knowledge, please ‘fill’ me in

Read More

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Weekend Update – 8/21/2011

Here’s the stuff you might have missed if you blinked this week!

Scaring Up Success With Cullen Bunn – I sat down with the folks from Panels on Pages to talk about The Sixth Gun, The Tooth, The Fearless, and more!

Spider-Man: Season Premiere – Marvel has posted some new details on the upcoming Spider-Man: Season One, including some sweet preview art.

Casting Speculation: The Sixth Gun TV Series – iFanboy indulges in the Internet’s favorite pastime–cast speculation, in this case regarding the upcoming adaptation of The Sixth Gun. I think it’s a pretty good dream cast.

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Your Chance to Win Hand-Made Totems from The Tooth!

Face front, horror hounds!

You like free stuff! You know you do! We know you do! We also know that you love THE TOOTH with an almost unwholesome intensity! And like a bikini-clad genie from the Magic Lamp of Azorial*, we are here to grant your wish!

This is your chance to own a one-of-a-kind piece of memorabilia from THE TOOTH! How one-of-a-kind, you ask? Well, these things are almost genuinely unique!

We’re talking about a set of hand-made** Inert Caleb King Demon and Extra-Dimensional Marauder Totems®! These finely-crafted gems*** are “pretty darn close” replicas of the totems featured in issue 35 of THE TOOTH (“Death Duel in the Dentist’s Domain”). Do they have magical properties? Well, that depends on how you define magic, my friend, just as one-of-a-kind is open to interpretation. Believe us when we say there are very, very few of these sets running around, and this one comes with a Certificate of Awesomticity****!

How do you score this piece of comic book history?

Simple! The Tooth isn’t much of a social creature, but you—dear reader—can be. All you have to do is post a review, fanfic, pun, photo, artwork, poem, or other love (be creative) on one (or all) of the following places: 

  • Amazon (make sure to drop us a line through this page’s contact form so we know you’re participating
  • Goodreads (make sure to drop us a line through this page’s contact form so we know you’re participating)
  • Twitter (make sure to tag the post #thesavagetooth so we can see it)
  • Facebook (make sure to tag Cullen Bunn, Shawn Lee, and Matt Kindt)
  • Your Blog (or any other blog for that matter) (again, make sure to drop us a line so we can see what you’ve done)

On July 20, 2011–right before San Diego Comic Con–we’ll select one participant at random to receive the set of totems! Please keep in mind, we’ll only consider posts made after this announcement in the contest.

You can do one or all of the above. If you do more than one of the above items, we’ll put your name in the hat for each time you do something.

Finally! Take a picture of your dentist reading THE TOOTH and post it somewhere for all to see and we’ll enter your name a whopping 10 times! And make sure this guy looks like a dentist. Don’t just take a picture of your dad (unless he is a dentist) reading the book and say, “This is Dr. Jones when he’s off-duty, eating chili, and watching Campus Cops.” We want some visual proof that this is a real tooth-yanker! 

That’s all there is to it!

Get out there and start spreading the love!

Good luck!

*As seen in JOURNEY INTO TERROR #116.

**Hand-made by THE TOOTH co-writer Shawn Lee out of Sculpy or some other esoteric substance. No two sets look exactly alike. The set pictured is the personal set of one of the authors. 

***Not real gems… and not really “finely” crafted.

****Lovingly printed on an ink-jet printer of your choice… and by “your choice” we mean whichever printer isn’t bone-dry when it comes to ink.

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The Tooth Hurts!

I’ve long said that my graphic novel, The Tooth, is cursed. Since I came up with the idea years ago, there have been numerous problems, snafus, and just plain ill luck surrounding the release of the book. The latest problem is that while the book has long been scheduled for a release this week, I was told this morning that it will not hit store shelves until next week! Despite the cloud of misfortune that looms over this title, I still drool over how gorgeous the book turned out to be, and I can’t wait for others to get a gander at it.

While I was at Mo*Con this past weekend, I mentioned The Tooth, and it created quite a buzz (and more puns than you could shake a pointy stick at). More than anything else I’m working on, folks wanted to hear more about the wild story about (my elevator pitch):

“A guy who finds a magic tooth… which nests in his mouth like an inverted sabertooth tiger fang… and occasionally leaps out, grows to the size of a gorilla, and fights demons.”

Let’s hope that excitement translates to other readers once the graphic novel explodes onto the street next week!

In the meantime, a massive preview has hit the net. You can quench your thirst for The Tooth by checking out 17 pages of the story at CBR.

You can also read an advance review of the book on io9!

Do not let anything so trivial as a curse stop you! Make sure to head to your local bookseller and demand that they order The Tooth for you!

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