Ultimate Wolverine

Monday Morning Interview Round-Up

I’ve been doing a lot of interviews lately and I haven’t had a chance to gather them up into a nice collection of links. Today’s round-up covers FEARLESS DEFENDERS, VENOM, and ULTIMATE COMICS WOLVERINE.

Cullen Bunn Looks Home With Ultimate Comics Wolverine – I spent some time with Cosmic Book News discussing the new Wolverine limited series.

Cullen Bunn Plots Eddie Brock’s Revenge on Venom – Newsarama spoke with me about the new Toxin arc in VENOM.

Fearless Defenders: Fighting Fear, Pt. 1 – The first portion of an extended Marvel.com interview about the upcoming FEARLESS DEFENDERS series.

Fearless Defenders: Fighting Fear, Pt. 2 – And it continues!

Fearless Defenders: Fighting Fear, Pt. 3 – The mighty conclusion!

Comic Book Roadshow Interview – For the podcasting set, I spoke with the Comic Book Roadshow about… well… everything.

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New Year, New Interviews!

Here are a few new interviews about funnybooks and such.

Two-Fisted Tales From Oni’s Top Gunslingers – PREVIEWSWorld talks to Brian Hurtt, Bill Crabtree, and myself about The ¬†Sixth Gun: Sons of the Gun.

Bunn Writes Two Generations of Ultimate Comics Wolverine – I talk with Comic Book Resources about the upcoming limited series featuring Logan and Jimmy Hudson.

Cullen Bunn on Venom, Flash Thompson, and Their Future in Philadelphia – I spoke with Cosmic Book News about Venom’s upcoming relocation to Philly.

Cullen Bunn Wants to Make Philly Important in ‘Venom’ – The Philadelphia Examiner spent some time talking to me about adapting the City of Brotherly Love to the Marvel Universe.

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Ultimate Wolverine

Even though my final issue of Wolverine came out today, I’m not done with the clawed mutant! Coming in March is Ultimate Wolverine, a four-issue series exploring the secret family tree of Jimmy Hudson, the son of Wolverine!

Here’s a few thoughts on the series from a recent Comics Alliance interview:

“In terms of a great comic book story, Jimmy Hudson offers the best of both worlds. He’s the son of Wolverine, so he has a pedigree and a rich history to draw upon. At the same time, though, there’s quite a bit of mystery surrounding his origins. With this series, I have the chance to play those two elements–the pedigree and the mystery–off one another. Once this story is told, Jimmy will have a better understanding of where he came from and a clearer vision of where he’s going. Read More

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