ECCC Nerdist Writer’s Panel

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One of the highlights of this year’s Emerald City Comic Con was participating in the Nerdist Writer’s Panel along with Ben Blacker (our host), Kelly Sue DeConnick, Greg Rucka, and Matt Fraction. It was a great panel with a lot of insight into our different approaches to outlining and world-building. The recording of the panel is now available for your listening pleasure.

You can check it out here (we’re the Comics Edition #38: Emerald City Comic Con edition).

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This Is My (Writing) Boomstick!

1805676-drake_sinclair“The seventh gun calls forth madness upon the page.”

I like reading about the tools other writers use while they’re working at home or on-the-go. I’ve gleaned more than my fair share of ideas from this look inside the lives of other professionals. With that in mind, I present a look at the “weapons of war” I can’t live without.

My Primary Workspace

My home office. In the cold basement of my house. It needs a bit of an overhaul. Needs to be modernized quite a bit. It’s spacious, though, and has a nice, big window. It contains my library of books and graphic novels, more than a few old toys (I call it flea market chic), a small TV, a recliner, and a fireplace (which is really nice this time of year). I work at a decent-sized desk (facing away from the window and TV so I don’t get distracted) that gets waaaaaaay too cluttered the busier I get.

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If I Knew Then…

It’s no secret. It took me forever to break into writing comics professionally. And once I did manage to start writing comics for a living, the learning curve was pretty slippery for me. All along the way, I made more than my fair share of mistakes. I gave into frustration, anger, and fear. I mismanaged my schedule. I overestimated how much time I would have in a day. I overate and gained weight. I freaked out and panicked.

Now… I needed to go through all of those obstacles to get where I am now. I had to learn through experience. And every day brings a new batch of mistakes that will… hopefully make me a better creator in the future. But I often wonder… What could I have done differently? If I could go back in time and give myself one piece of advice about working in comics for a living, what would it be?

I figured most other creators have wondered the same thing, so I asked a few writers and artists to think about advice they wish they had been given when they were just starting out. Here is some of that advice. Some of it is thought-provoking. Some of it is funny. Some of it may not apply to you. And some of it will sting a bit.

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The Burning Maiden Now Available on Kindle!

Evileye Books has released a new anthology on the Kindle today. The Burning Maiden features my short story, “And Their Shadows”, along with 15 other supernatural tales by the likes of Mike Oliveri, Joe Lansdale, Tim Lebbon, Sarah Langan, and others. This is their first published anthology, so you should definitely check it out! Get The Burning Maiden for the Kindle here! Read More

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How I “Broke In”

A couple of weeks ago, I started a series of tweets detailing a rough history of how I started working in comics. I thought I’d compile those tweets here for those of you who might be interested. I know some people don’t like the idea of “breaking in” when it comes to forging your path in the world of professional publishing. But after so many years of trying, it felt like breaking in to me. You mileage will vary. Read More

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