GHOSTLORE - New Series Announcement

GHOSTLORE - New Series Announcement

A new horror comic book series has been announced today. I’m pretty excited about it, and I think you will be, too.

Welcome to the world of Ghostlore.

As reported on ScreenRant today…

Newly announced fromBoom! Studios, Ghostlore is coming to comic stands, courtesy of one of the most acclaimed writers in horror comics, Cullen Bunn (Harrow CountyBasilisk). Embarking upon a new and characteristically mesmerizing series with Italian artist Leomacs, Bunn promises a ghost story from the point of view of the unquiet dead. Set in an average American town where disquieted spirits endlessly drift in search of justice, Screen Rant has the exclusive preview of this newest horror saga by two of comics’ most proven architects of fear.

Ghostlore, set to release in May, tells the tumultuous tale of Lucas and Harmony Agate, a father/daughter duo with a troubled past brought together in the wake of a deadly accident. Finding themselves imbued with the ability to see the ghosts of their town’s deceased and hear their warnings for the living, the two are set to tangle with other "nearly-deads" like them, who might not be so charitable in how they use their abilities. Bunn says in a press release from Boom! Studios:

Ghostlore is something of an ambitious concept. It started with a simple question I asked myself. ‘What ghost stories would ghosts tell?’ From there, though, it spun into this epic story of family, loss, grief, and—just possibly—the end of the world. It’s been in my head for a while, but I wanted to wait until the stars aligned, so to speak, to even give it a try. I’m lucky to be working with an artist as talented as Leomacs on the main story, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the cadre of amazing creators who will be illustrating the ghost stories in each and every issue. It all comes together in a book unlike anything else I’ve worked on.

The duo will be joined by colorist Jason Wordie and artists Tonči Zonjić, Jenny Frision, Reiko Murakami and Brian Hurtt, who will be providing variant covers for the first issue. Artist Leomacs, whose recent credits include the grisly yet highly acclaimed Basket Full of Heads, says:

I'm super thrilled to be drawing Cullen Bunn's Ghostlore for BOOM! Studio. This story has pathos, drama and plenty of thrills to keep everyone on the edge of their seats. As for me, I love a good horror story, especially when the human element is strong and very relatable. Here there will be many layers to peel, and underneath you'll find more and more elements that will draw you in, demand your sympathy, scare and move you... and I'm going to enjoy drawing every single panel of Ghostlore.

In addition to the continuing saga of the Agate family, each issue of Ghostlore will feature a short story by some of comics’ premier horror creators, with the first story to be completed by Hurtt, of the series Manor Black. Editor Ramiro Portnoy related glowingly that Ghostlore will be an "exploration of the horrors of parenthood," and that "the trauma of surviving is the beating heart of this ghost story." Portnoy also praised Bunn as "a storyteller like no other, marrying heartfelt humanism with dark, gothic horror."

For horror fans looking for a well-crafted terror yarn of ghosts and psychological horror, complemented by dynamic twists and turns, Ghostlore from Boom! Studios seems like a sure bet. The series is on sale in May from Boom! Studios, wherever comic books are sold.

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