Nightmare Fuel, Issue 222

Nightmare Fuel, Issue 222


Sorry for sending this one out a little later than usual. I’m running a few steps behind on everything right now. 

This past week, some of my readers got a blast from the past. These throwback would have come in the form of a long-awaited message responses. Some of these messages were overdue by 6 years or more. 

I’m (usually) pretty good about responding to emails. Yes, I get overloaded like everyone else and sometimes it might take me a bit to write back to someone. My track record there, though, is still pretty solid. 

Facebook messages?

Not so much. 

Sometimes, when I travel, I use the time to clean up files, folders, photos, and messages. This time around, while traveling to NC for Free Comic Book Day, I decided to clean up Facebook messages. And I was shocked to see how many were there waiting for me. Friends touching base, artists asking about working together, stores asking about signings, conventions inviting me to attend their event, and (of course) spam. So much spam. It took a few hours of reading and responding and deleting, but I finally got it weeded out. As of right now, I think I have six messages that need a response.

I’m certain some messages got deleted in the process, so if you reached out to me on Facebook and I didn’t respond to you over the weekend, I probably lost the message.

Digging through Facebook, thinking about all the messages I should have sent, all the people with whom I should have stayed in touch, it just reinforced what I wrote about in the last newsletter. I need to do a better job of contacting the people who were important to me in years gone by. The clock is, after all, running out. I’ve got—what?—fifty or sixty years left on this plane of existence. I’ve gotta make them count. 

I tried to do a bit of that this weekend. As I mentioned, I was in North Carolina for FCBD. I signed at Ultimate Comics in Cary. While there, I was able to hang out with a group of my childhood friends—Chirs, Jamie, Talyor, and Mark. These guys were some of my best friends when I was in elementary, junior high, and high school. I lost touch with them over the years, and it’s something I’ve been lamenting of late. It was really great to get together with them and talk about the great old days—days that, frankly, we probably shouldn’t have survived based on some of the nonsense we got involved in.


Don’t let time slip away, folks. Make every second count! Give ‘em Hell!

The second Whiskey and Words event was held last week, and it went swimmingly. We’re still getting our feet under us and figuring out a few things, but I feel like everyone had a great time.

I challenged the writers in attendance with some of the weirdest writing prompts around. I’ve posted (and will continue to post) all of them (plus some) to Patreon, but here is a sampling. 

The world of magical ponies, smurf-like gnomes, and care bears is being invaded by the forces of darkness. How do they fight back?

Your story starts with this: “All right, you noodle-armed worms! I’m Lord Doomitroll Von Worldstomper and this—THIS—is Sweating with the Warlords! We’re gonna get you pumped up!”

We’re going to be doing the next Whiskey and Words during Tremendicon at the end of the month. Then, we’ll be doing it once a month at Best of Luck Beer Hall.

It was announced that I’ll be one of the Guests of Honor at Scares That Care Authorcon IV in St. Louis, Missouri. I’me very excited for this show. They’ve got a great group of guests who will be there, some of them old friends I haven’t seen in years. The event is for a great cause. I think it will be a terrifically horrifying good time!

Sometimes, it just helps to sit down and… refocus… to list all the projects that are in progress, falling behind, or looming ahead. I’m sure I’m missing something, but here we go. It looks like a lot, but it actually scares me a little, because a lot of items will be falling off quickly. And I need to replace them if I’m gonna keep the lights on.


THE FARAWAY (Comic, Creator-Owned) - Two issues written. First issue is being printed. Second issue is about halfway finished.

DEATH DUEL WITH THE CHAINSAW WITCHES (Comic, Creator-Owned, One-Shot) - Script is done. Art is rolling right along.

THE WINDOW (Comic, Creator-Owned, One Shot) - Script is done. Art is rolling right along.

LONG PIG AND AZRAEL (Comic, Creator-Owned, One Shot) - The first script is about halfway finished. The artist can’t get to it right now, so I haven’t rushed, but I need to finish it up.

TCHOTCHKES (Comic, Creator-Owned, One-Shot) - This one… I haven’t started yet. Just an outline.

MY PET ELDER GOD (Comic, Creator-Owned, One Shot) - A pitch was written, outline and script need to be written, not in any immediate rush.

BUMPING UGLIES (Comic, Creator-Owned, Three Issues) - First issue is written. Art should start rolling soon. I love the title, but I’m not sure if I should change it. It might not QUITE fit the story.

MONSTER FORGE UNIVERSE (Comic, Creator-Owned) - We’re moving fast on this, keeping scripts light and tight to get them to artists and rolling fast. I’ve written a few. Need to get another couple done.

PROJECT: HEX (Comic, Creator-Owned, Mad Cave, Five Issues) - All done. All art turned in. Might need to do some lettering passes.

JUMPSCARE (Comic, Creator-Owned, Four Issues, Dark Horse) - I have one last issue to write on this one.

PROJECT: WAR (Comic, Marvel, Three-Issue Series) - I’ve written the first issue. Artist is starting on it. I’m a little behind on the script for issue 2, but it will be done shortly.

GODZILLA/MMPR II (Comic, Licensed, Five Issues) - I’ve got the script for the final issue to finish on this one.

GATCHAMAN (Comic, Licensed, Mad Cave) - I’m good on this one, but it won’t be long before the artist catches up with me. Need to get ahead a bit.

PROJECT: YELLOW (Comic, Licensed, OGN) - I’m ahead on this one. I’ve heard some rumors that the book might get delayed a bit, so I’m REALLY ahead, but I want to go ahead and finish the next 2 sections.

PROJECT: NINE (Comic, Archie, One-Shot) - Not started. Waiting for the outline to get approved.

PROJECT: AUTUMN (Comic, Creator-Owned, Four-Issues, Oni) - First issue is written. Concept art has started rolling in. Want to get the second issue done soon.

PROJECT: ED (Comic, Licensed, Three Issues) - Just turned in re-writes on the second issue. Need to get the third and final issue scripted.

SHORT STORY (Comic) - Haven’t written this one. It’s short, but due next week.

EC COMICS SHORT STORIES (Comic) - My first one is due next week. Waiting on approvals for concept on one of the three submissions.

WARLOCK 5 (Comic) - Not behind… there’s been no deadline for the final issue… but the artist has room to tackle it, so I need to get it wrapped.

PROJECT: ARCANA (Comic, Creator-Owned, Four Issues, Dark Horse) - I have one issue left to write. Hoping to have it wrapped in the next couple of weeks.

PROJECT: ACRE (Comic, Adaptation, OGN) - I’ve turned in an outline that was approved. Waiting on contracts.

PROJECT: SHADE (Comic, Licensed) - Early stages… waiting on contracts.

THE SIXTH GUN REBORN (Comic) - Early stages. Need to sit down with Hurtt one last time to knock it out. Excited to get started.

DEEPEST CATACOMBS (Comic, Web) - I’ve got to get a handle on the schedule and organization of this one in a big way. A bunch of pages have been done. A bunch still need to be finished up. I think I need an hour or two to just wrap my head around it.

PROJECT: DIS (Comic) - This is a tie-in to another project. Several pages written. Being released in an interesting format. Not behind on it, but could stand to get ahead.


PROJECT: DIS (Feature Film) - The first draft of the screenplay is done. I’ve received notes (nothing major) but I need to set aside some time to make the corrections.

WATCHING (Short Film) - Done and done! Think we’re debuting at Tremendicon.

THE BLEED (Short Film) - Script done, filming starts next week.


DAEMONROT (Role-Playing Game) - This is in the early stages. Just need to stay ahead of it.

DEADPOOL ROLE-PLAYS THE MARVEL UNIVERSE (Comic and Role-Playing Game) - It’s all written. Waiting on some notes on the RPG portion, which will mean some corrections.

GALLERY OF WHISPERS (Role-Playing Game) - This one needs some attention. A lot has been written for it. I’m just… not sure… how to start rolling it out. Patreon, maybe?


THE COMPLETE CULLEN BUNN (Short Story Collection, Two Volumes) - Volume 1 has been edited a couple of times. I need to go through some final, minor edits and it is ready for design and such. Not sure where we landed on a title.

I’LL KILL YOU LAST (Anthology) - I’ve received approvals from the authors on all the edits that were suggested. The cover is in the works. Need to get this sent to design/layout and then loaded into Kickstarter.

GOBLINVILLE 1 AND 2 (Novellas) - I’ve received edits on the first novellas. Editorial is suggesting I add about 1,500 words to the mix. Need to get this done. The cover is done… and it is gorgeous.

BONES OF OUR STARS, BLOOD OF OUR WORLD (Novel) - I’m painfully—painfully—behind in terms of where I wanted to be at this point. I need to figure out where to carve out the time to focus on this for a while.

RAZE: FLOOD (Novella) - Just noodling with this one as I have time.


PROJECT: MOVE (Audio Project) - Outline submitted and approved. Just got due dates. Need to get moving on it.


Lots of rumbling about short stories, new comics, new endeavors that will add some more excitement to the list. DUEL WITH THE CHAINSAW WITCHES (Comic, Creator-Owned, One-Shot) - Script is done. Art is rolling right along.


For a guy like Griz, killing monsters comes easy. Saving monsters? That's a whole new ball game! But that's what Griz and his chainsaw-wielding koala partner Cuddles have to do-save a monster from a terrible fate! But rescuing hideous beasts from their awful fates is dangerous business, especially when your own past is... complicated.

The reception to MONSTERS ARE MY BUSINESS has been really great. I’m so glad readers are digging Griz and Cuddles—monster hunters supreme! If you haven’t had the chance to check this series out, you might still be able to get a copy of the first issue at your local comic shop. Reports I’m getting are that a chainsaw-wielding koala on the cover of a book helps them sell! 

This week, I watched IMMACULATE, which I thought was really great. It’s solid all the way through, but the last half hour or so of that movie are intense!

I’ve been reading THE SOUTHERN BOOK CLUB’S GUIDE TO SLAYING VAMPIRES by Grady Hendrix. It’s really terrific—charming, funny, and frightening. A great read. 

I’ve moved on to the third Jen Sincero BADASS book, this one on building habits. 

I got a copy of PHICTION by Don Coscarelli, but I haven’t been able to start it just yet. I’m looking forward to it. The book contains several short stories, all written by Coscarelli, set in the world of the movie PHANTASM.

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