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A bit of a tease...

I have so many projects I WANT to tell you about, but I am--as yet--sworn to secrecy! So, here are a few hints about upcoming work. Let's see if you can guess what I've got cooking!

  • I just wrote the final issue of a new creator-owned series. I'm working with an amazing artist on this, someone I've never worked with before. I should say the final issue of the first arc, because this story--assuming readers like it--is big and epic, bridging worlds within worlds. 

  • For the same publisher, I just finished the second issue of ANOTHER creator-owned series. This one is with an artist I've worked with once before. It's a horror-comedy book that's VERY different from everything else I've done up until this point. 

  • You all know about SHADOWMAN from Valiant, but I'm also working on another title for them, something that is going to rock your faces off. 

  • I'm also working on something new for Marvel. I can't tell you what it is, but it is a character I love dearly and have always wanted to write. 

  • This week, some very exciting Hollywood stuff came together. Assuming the tumultuous state of the world doesn't screw it up, fans of my work are going to be thrilled, I think! 

There ya go, so hints! I'll drop more of these clues to upcoming projects as the newsletter rolls along! So don't forget to subscribe!

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