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METRO Limited Edition Hardcover

METRO Limited Edition Hardcover

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From the Cullen Bunn Archives! The Vault is finally open!! Don't miss out on these rare, often out of print items that come straight from Cullen's own archives.

METRO is a (very) dark urban fantasy graphic novel. Set in New York City, this is a violent, chaotic story with good amounts of mayhem, carnage, and humor. It is also a story of magic and wonder, exploring the nature of the sprawling cities we call our homes. As Hunter awakens into the hidden and unfamiliar world that exists alongside our owns, he learns what it means to be a normal human… starting with the idea that there is no such thing as normal.

Written by Cullen Bunn and Brian Quinn. Illustrated by Walt Flanagan.

This is the Kickstarter limited edition HARDCOVER. The book is shrink-wrapped. If you would like it autographed by Cullen Bunn, the shrink-wrap will be removed.

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