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SHOCK SHOP #1 Creator Exclusive Cover (Baldemar Rivas Variant)

SHOCK SHOP #1 Creator Exclusive Cover (Baldemar Rivas Variant)

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This is a LIMITED EDITION Baldemar Rivas variant cover for SHOCK SHOP #1!

Since SHOCK SHOP is a flipbook, this issue has TWO exclusive variant covers! These are virgin covers, without trade dress.

This variant is only available directly from Cullen Bunn and when they're gone, they're gone!

Cullen Bunn, Danny Luckert (Regression), and Leila Leiz (The Last Book You’ll Ever Read) present Shock Shop! Shock Shop is a brand-new horror anthology flip comic that takes place in a haunted comic book shop, featuring a twisted retailer filled with tales of terror. Readers will encounter two scary stories told across four comic issues.

In FAMILIARS: After a painful divorce and custody battle, Trevor rents a house and tries to rebuild his life. Soon, he discovers that his house appears to be "haunted" by more than one spirit: the minions of a long-dead coven of witches. When the creatures begin feeding on Trevor's feelings of anger and guilt, they lash out at those who draw his ire, whether he wants them to or not.

In SOMETHING IN THE WOODS, IN THE DARK: A husband and wife who are going through a tough time go on a camping trip with a few friends into the deep woods. As they trek further into the forest, they realize that they are being stalked. Something in the woods starts killing the campers–a hideous, inhuman thing that may have more ties to the campers than any of them realize.

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