With the greatest of seasons upon us, I thought I would share the new Kickstarter project that JUST launched—a frightening prose novel titled CROOKED HILLS!

Crooked Hills is the most haunted town in America. It's just the news that Charlie needs to salvage his forced vacation to the middle of nowhere. If he's got to take a family trip to visit relatives, at least he'll see some ghosts.

But the hauntings in Crooked Hills aren't the friendly kind, and soon Charlie, his brother Alex, their cousin Marty, and their new friend Lisa are surrounded by dangers: hellhounds, dead witches, strange dreams—and local bullies. Crooked Hills is far more exciting than Charlie expected, but it's a lot scarier, too…

For young fans of Stranger Things and Paper Girls, this brand new edition of Bunn's middle grade series starter launches readers into an earlier era of unsupervised adventures, childhood independence, and magical shenanigans.

Get ready to uncover the FIRST mystery of Crooked Hills…

Over a decade gone by, I wrote the first CROOKED HILLS novel. Back then, I described it as “the Goonies Meet the Blair Witch!” This middle reader horror-fest was published by Earwig Press, a small publisher out of Chicago, Illinois. The book’s print run was very small, but those who read the story really loved it. Sadly, though, in the years that followed, CROOKED HILLS went out of print and has been exceptionally difficult to find.

Well, not anymore.

I am pleased to present, through the Outer Shadows imprint of Outland Entertainment, the updated and preferred edition of CROOKED HILLS!

This book is for middle readers, yes, but I didn’t dial back the thrills and horror. It’s scary, exciting, funny, and fun!

In the pages of CROOKED HILLS, you will find…

  • Ghosts!
  • Tarantulas!
  • Scorpions!
  • Headless chickens!
  • Goblins!
  • Crawling zombie hands!
  • A mean old hellhound!
  • Witches—disembodied and otherwise!
  • And much, much more!

Join Charlie, Alex, Marty, and Lisa as they embark on the haunted adventure of a lifetime!

This full-length novel is a terrific, creepy story for kids ages 8 to 12. But don’t let the “middle readers” concept fool you! This is a great book for spooky kids… and for spooky adults! In fact, many of the adults who have read the book have been more frightened by the contents than the kids!

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