Halloween Movie Countdown 4 - Shed the Dead

Halloween Movie Countdown 4 - Shed the Dead

MALUM is a bigger-budget remake of LAST SHIFT from a few years ago. I have never seen the original film, and this is my first time watching this one. 

I’m a sucker for soon-to-be-abandoned buildings, like the eerie police station in this movie. Throw in a near-apocalyptic cult uprising, massive pigs popping up out of nowhere, references to vile religions, and ghostly apparitions, and I’m sold! I’m also a sucker for hallucinatory horror, and this movie had puh-lenty of that.

 Also, the Temple Baron is pretty cool. 

In a lot of ways, this reminded me of THE VOID, but that’s not a bad thing. I think I liked THE VOID a little more as a whole, but I’m glad I watched this and I’ll likely be adding it to the collection at some point.


For cults and terrible rites and ghastly visions and vile monsters, I suggest WITCH HAMMER, which follows a pair of investigators trying to stop a serial killer from murdering witches. The problem? The serial killer might be on a literal righteous path. 

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