Halloween Movie Countdown 9 - I Will Not Accept a Life I Do Not Deserve.

Halloween Movie Countdown 9 - I Will Not Accept a Life I Do Not Deserve.

When I first watched X, I had no idea what to expect. I had avoided almost all trailers, all spoilers. I knew only that it existed and that the poster looked like something I’d dig. 

That is the best way to watch this movie. 

That said… If you haven’t seen this horror flick, stop reading this now, go watch it, then come back and try to shake those terrifying images out of your head long enough to read this post. 

X exists in a world that is part 70s porno, part Texas Chainsaw, part “psycho-biddy” (a term I just learned a few minutes ago). It is an excellent exploration of the lust for immortality, the lust for youth. And—surprise!—you can’t attain either, not really. 

And, by God, it feels like the 70s. Not in terms of production values or anything like that. Ti West just managed to perfectly capture the lurid, seductive grime and sweat of the 70s in glorious (and gory-ous) detail. 

Pearl is an amazing character. 

Maxine is an amazing character.

I’m so thrilled I get to see more of both.  


THE LAST BOOK YOU’LL EVER READ is not about the making of an x-rated movie, but I think it’s got some griminess and sexiness to it, and it’s about fame, and a longing to be heard and seen and understood. I think you’ll dig it. 

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