A Kickstarter campaign for a new horror comic launched today—REANIMATOR: THE ETERNAL LIE!

Not since the Book of the Dead was written by the Mad Arab, Abdul Alhazred himself, has a tome of such horrors been released upon the unsuspecting world.  Herbert West has discovered a serum that can return animation to dead tissue.  The mechanics of life and death have been solved, but with a small problem.  The reanimated corpses are possessed of an evil disposition that is lethal to the living.  And though he works to refine the reanimation elixir, the forces of the wider cosmos have been unleashed in the town of Arkham.  And now, those dread old ones have unleashed a horde of horrors upon the world and more specifically, one Doctor Herbert West!  

This campaign is for Part 2 of the series… but don’t worry! If you missed out on the first issue, you can still get that edition here!

Set immediately after the events of H.P. Lovecraft's "Herbert West - Reanimator" story, REANIMATOR THE ETERNAL LIE offers a shocking new story of life, death, undeath, and cosmic terror!

Herbert West is believed dead - torn to shreds by his own abdominal creations.  But when he surfaces once more, it calls into question everything we thought we knew about this mad scientist and his quest to conquer death itself!  West's reanimation formula has been stolen by a diabolical cult.  In order to retrieve the serum, he must travel to legend-haunted Innsmouth, where degenerate townsfolk lurk and dark gods stir in the depths.

This is the continuation of the new cycle for REANIMATOR stories that will murder what you THINK you know about Herbert West, then bring your preconceptions back from the dead as something new and terrifying.

I hope you’ll consider backing the campaign. If you’re a fan of horror, of zombies, or of elder gods, it’s right up your alley!

You can read all about it HERE.

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