Over on Zoop, the campaign for my new book (co-written with Heath Amodio and illustrated by Elmer Cantada) has launched. COPYCAT is a supernatural/psychological thriller co-created by producer Todd Garner. 

Sarah, a talented ER nurse, has the unique ability to diagnose her patients with just one touch. Unfortunately, her power comes at a painful cost, as she suffers the same agony as those she cares for. When a mysterious woman named Emma dies in her arms, Sarah inadvertently leaches Emma’s extraordinary superhuman ability to fight. Sarah is then hunted by Emma’s killers, forced to leach more and more powers from an onslaught of superhuman assassins to stay alive. With any luck, she’ll survive long enough to solve Emma’s murder, and bring them all down.

And here’s another I did with Wayne’s Comics Podcast.

The book is completely done and ready to be sent to the printer, which is always good in these situations, and we’ve got some really cool support tiers and options available. 

If you’re not familiar with Zoop, it is a crowdfunding platform (similar to Kickstarter) that is completely focused on comic books!

And here’s a fun interview Heath and I recently did about the book!

Your support of this campaign is much appreciated!

Welcome to issue 206 of NIGHTMARE FUEL! I’m still trying to figure out this newsletter platform, still coughing like a maniac, and still doing my absolute best to kick ass every second, minute, hour, and day of the week! I hope you’re all doing amazing this first week of 2024! It means a lot that you’re reading this newsletter and supporting my work!

This first week, for me, has been pretty productive. Not as productive as I would have liked. But still pretty good. I finished something like 55 pages of comic script. I spent a full day creating content with an eye on building my brand and marketing. And I did a ton of other writing-adjacent work. There’s plenty more to do, but that’s a great base to build on. 

A recurring theme for me when I think about the work to come is that I need to start betting on myself. Now, as a freelancer, I’ve been RELYING on myself to get the work done and keep the lights on for a long while. But BETTING on myself? I’m not so sure that’s been commonplace. 

Many, many years ago, I had an argument with my boss at the job I’d had for 15+ years. I was, by the way, right, but that’s neither here nor there. 

Anyhow… I walked out of her office and into mine, where I immediately called Cindy. I asked her if she was willing to take a chance on me working as a full-time writer. I asked if she’d give me 6 months to make the attempt. Supportive angel that she was (and is) she agreed. And I turned in my resignation the next day.

That MIGHT have been the last time I really, REALLY bet on myself in a big way, took a big risk with the hope that it would pay off. 

It wasn’t long ago, folks, that I asked Cindy to once again give me a few months to take some huge chances and make something awesome happen. She agreed, and the kaiju-sized risks have been put into motion. 

The term MAKE OR BREAK comes to mind for 2024.

And, you know me. I’m too stubborn to break. 

Maybe I should have been taking these risks when I was a younger man. The years keep piling up. I’ve definitely noticed a bit of a slow-down. Maybe I’ve been missing a few steps here and there. But I’m gonna make those stumbles and limps and falls look like a Jackie Chan DRUNKEN MASTER fighting style by the time I’m through. It all comes down to taking a chance on some of the big dreams I have, and now is the time. How many more years have I got anyhow? Fifty? Sixty? I gotta make them count. I gotta make some magic happen.

And, so, in addition to all the comic writing… and new marketing/branding activities… I’m doing, I have…

TOP SECRET PROJECT #1 - I have a feeling this one will be announced pretty soon. It is NOT comic-related, but definitely horror-related.

TOP SECRET PROJECT #2 - This one might not be announced for a little while. Not comic-related. Most certainly horror.

TOP SECRET PROJECT #3 - This one IS comic-related. Parts of it have been in the works for some time, but it was just this past week when pieces really started falling into place. Not sure when I’ll be able to share details, but hopefully soon. 

You’ll have a front row seat for these new (perhaps crazy) endeavors. To say that some of what I’ll be doing will surprise the Hell out of you is something of an understatement. Stay tuned!

You like horror, don’t you? You like trivia! Well, then, this is for you! I started a weekly series of video trivia questions about my favorite horror books, movies, and comics. The first episode, in honor of the new year, is themed around transformation. 

Test your spooky knowledge! See how you do with these six questions! 

If you like the video, please hit the LIKE button and subscribe to the channel. I’ll be posting a lot more material as the year rolls right along. 

If you backed the Kickstarter campaign for CROOKED HILLS, you’ll be happy to know that the books have been printed and are being delivered to the fulfillment center. They’re going to be shipping to backers in the very near future! If you weren’t able to support the campaign, they’ll soon be available for purchase from Outland Entertainment!

Here are the books that will be coming out this week!


From horror masters Cullen Bunn (Basilisk) and Jes s Hervás (The Empty Man), the new year is here . . . but 2024's most devastating experiment in terror is just getting started!

Dr. Carrie Reynolds and detective Vic Hudgens cut closer to the heart of the mystery behind the "murder surgeons" and the gruesome surgical attacks plaguing their city. While meeting the newest victim, they come face to face with the deranged society of killers stalking their trail . . . and learn just how far Carrie will go to the find the people who hurt her daughter.

So, I just finished the script for the final issue of this series… and dear Lord… it is dark as Hell! I hope you’ve been reading this one. If you haven’t been… I don’t know what to tell you… You’re missing out in a big way. 


Bill Crabtree, Brian Hurtt, and myself. What was this? 2014? I think so. Ten years ago, and we were just babies. This was taken (by Charlie Chu) in Portland Oregon, obviously in some alley, obviously as the back cover of our alternative rock album. 

Banner - weekly obsessions

I’ve been thinking this week that I’ve got to stop watching shows I’ve watched and re-watched 1,000 times. THE OFFICE. KING OF QUEENS. WINGS. They’re comforting, but there are lots of other shows that I could be watching. I have a ton of old SHERLOCK HOLMES and DR. WHO and ULTRAMAN boxed sets I haven’t cracked open yet. I should get to that this week. I watched PLANET TERROR and THE NUN 2 this week in an oddball double feature. And I’ve listened to a lot of Gunship.

Banner - things to come
Banner - events

All events are subject to change at a moment’s notice, but here is where I’ll be appearing in the next several months!I 

February 3, 2024 - ARTCON, Neosho, Missouri

May 31 - June 2, 2024 - TREMENDICON, Springfield, Missouri

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THE SHOCK SHOP - My online store, where you can find exclusive covers you can only get directly from me!

PATREON - Here, I post a serialized novel, a serialized comic book, short stories, and other cool materials.

THE CULLEN BUNN DISCORD SERVER - A place for fans to hang out and talk about comics, books, movies, games, collecting, and whatever else strikes their fancy.

CULLEN'S AMAZON STORE - Listen! If you have a local comic shop or bookshop, PLEASE visit them and order your books from them. If you don't have a shop, though, or if you can't get my books from your local bookseller for some reason, this Amazon shop has tons of options. 

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