Brides of Helheim Pre-Order Form!

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I think we can all agree that pre-ordering comic books is important, right? Let’s face it—your local shop is awesome, but can’t be expected to order every single title that comes out each month. Comic book orders are due roughly two months before the release date, and a retailer has to choose stock very carefully. Many times, this means ordering only “safe bet” comic books, and many great titles slip through the cracks. Pre-order, though, and you let your comic book retailer know that there’s interest in an upcoming book.

This is good for you, because you can make sure you don’t miss out on the stuff you want to read.

It’s good for the retailer, because a pre-order means the sale is a “sure thing.”

It’s good for other readers. When a pre-order comes in, stores will often order additional copies for the shelf. This gives new readers the opportunity to check out a book they might not have normally heard about.

It’s good for publishers and creators, because when people order the books, we can keep telling great stories.

While I think pre-ordering is  especially important for creator-owned titles, this goes for pretty much any comic book. Please don’t assume that your shop will carry a particular title!

To pre-order, all you have to do is head to your local comic book shop (if you don’t know where that is, you can visit this link to search them out!) and let them know what books you’re after.

To make it even easier for you, we’ve created this BRIDES OF HELHEIM pre-order form. Print it out, fill in some information, drop it off at your shop, and they’ll make sure you get your books!

What is BRIDES OF HELHEIM, you ask? It’s the story of undead Vikings, black magic, sea monsters, demons, sex, and violence. It’s a Viking-era Frankenstein tale, if the Frankenstein monster tussled with witches and demon-bears and monsters in addition to his own self-loathing. It’s illustrated by Joelle Jones, colored by Nick Filardi, and written by Cullen Bunn. The first issue comes out in October, so you need to order by September 8.

For more information on the series, you can give this a read. If you haven’t read the first series (which isn’t necessary to read BRIDES OF HELHEIM but you’ll love it anyhow) you can pick up or order the trade paperback collection when you drop off your order form.

Thanks, folks!

Happy pre-ordering

Announcing MASKS 2

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masks-8-bb7ffAnother announcement was unleashed today… this one about one of the most ambitious limited series I have ever tackled.

From the press release:

Dynamite Entertainment is proud to announce that comic book writer Cullen Bunn (Deadpool, Magneto) will tackle their wide cast of company-owned and licensed pulp heroes in Masks II. Following upon the success of the bestselling 2012 Masks miniseries, Masks II will unite iconic crime-fighters of singular purpose (if not diverse ideologies and techniques) in an epic miniseries event designed to appeal to both longtime fans and fresh newcomers. Dynamite plans to launch Masks II in late 2014.

“I couldn’t be more excited to be working on Masks II,” says Bunn. “I’ve always loved these great classic characters that I will have the privilege of working with, and I’m striving to keep the tone of the pulps that have always been a big inspiration for me. I’ll admit, this project is a little intimidating, because I’ve put together a very ambitious team-up story that readers will have to see to believe!”

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harrow county cover 1Those of you who have been following me for a looooooooooong while might remember the serialized horror tale “Countless Haints.” That story was never finished in prose form, but it lives on! In 2015, I’ll be teaming with the amazing Tyler Crook and Dark Horse Comics to bring the story of “Countless Haints” to life in comic book form! The series, titled HARROW COUNTY, was announced today on Comic Book Resources. Check out the interview and mark your calendars! HARROW COUNTY comes out in April of 2015!

New Comics This Week – 7/16/2014

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Three new books this week! I hope you’ll check them out!


The dead grow restless when Cole Jensen is near. Birdie senses the potential threat the hired man presents for her family, but her parents aren’t listening. As the strange curse spreads like a cancer across the small farm, Birdie learns a cruel and terrible truth: some secrets are meant only for the dead.

Here’s a preview!


  • Magneto is on a one-man mission to safeguard the future of mutantkind by any means necessary. So far, he’s done so by eliminating human threats…
  • But what happens when it’s MUTANTS who pose a threat to their own species?
  • Will Magneto cross a line and raise his hand to his own kind? And if so, just how far will he go?

Here’s a preview!


Secrets of the Shadow’s past are revealed as he meets Houdini! The Shadow infiltrates sanctum of an esoteric society of murderous magicians who are hellbent on escaping the ultimate trap–death itself! In order to thwart their plans, though, he must evade twisted traps and solve spellbinding puzzles. A good–or evil–magician never reveals his secrets… but the Shadow knows.

New Comics This Week – 7/7/2014

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A new issue of THE EMPTY MAN (issue 2) comes out this week!

Agents Langford and Jensen have uncovered a hidden Witness Cult in the middle of American suburbia they suspect is behind the kidnappings plaguing the country, but will they catch up to Markoff and Patient Zero before the Empty Man virus strikes again?

And if you want a preview, here ya go!


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