Punk Mambo Interview

As you may have heard, I’m writing the new PUNK MAMBO series for Valiant. The series launches in April, but there are interviews rolling out right now! Check out this Comiccon.com interview with my editor Lysa Hawkin and myself! 


Blossoms 666 - Archie Horror Expands!

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“This January, the Archie Horror line expands with Blossoms 666 from writer Cullen Bunn, artist Laura Braga, colorist Matt Herms, and letterer Jack Morelli. The five-issue mini-series follows the wealthy and popular Jason and Cheryl Blossom as you know and love them…except one of them is the Anti-Christ. Both of them are fighting for the title and no one in Riverdale is safe.”

Read more about Blossoms 666 at the link !

The CW has put in development Super Clean

“The CW has put in development Super Clean, a dramedy based on the upcoming graphic novel, from GLOW co-executive producer Sascha Rothchild and CBS TV Studios. The comic,  SuperCLEAN, was created by Heath Amodio and Cullen Bunn.”

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Super Clean Art

Vampirella vs. ReAnimator!


“Dynamite Entertainment announced today the creative team of Cullen Bunn (Pumpkinhead, Deadpool) and Blacky Shepherd (Pumpkinhead, Voltron) will be squaring off two horror icons this winter with  It’s vampire versus mad scientist in a battle that threatens to tear the gates of the underworld asunder!”

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