I didn’t expect to change newsletter platforms.

In fact, I had only just figured out how to set up a “subscribe to my Substack” form on my website.

But… things change, I suppose.

You will likely notice a few differences between the layout of this edition from my previous issues. The next few weeks will be a little weird, a little “trial and error,” while I figure out what’s next.

I have always heard rumors that Substack was a bit shady. And—shame on me—I didn’t dig too deeply because, frankly, I liked the interface and how easy it was to get my messaging out to my subscribers. Not to mention, it cost me nothing.

But I’m not going to spend time on a platform that, at best, shrugs towards and, at worst, welcomes nazis.

Yes, the term “nazi” get thrown around a little too liberally, I think, but based on what I’ve seen, it applies here. And, no, this is not, as Substack wants you to believe, a free speech issue. It is, instead, an issue of money for them.

I’m not going to belabor the point. If you want to look into why I moved from Substack, it’s pretty easy to figure out. I don’t want to be associated with a company that monetizes a rhetoric of hate. And once you let one nazi in, the infestation begins and soon Substack will be recognized as a goose-stepping “safe place” for such bullshit.

Nightmare Fuel doesn’t belong there.

Your mileage may vary.

So, I’m just going to pay for a different service. Can I afford it? Not really. Not at the moment. And what’s with the “we’ll charge you for the whole year at once” attitude? Am I comfortable with the interface? Hell no! I had difficulty moving from Basic D&D to the Expert set! Change is not my favorite thing! Do I know if readers will still receive and read these missives as easily? Not sure. Time will tell. Thus, the testing phase.

But I hope my readers understand my decision and stick with me for the Nightmare Fuel to come.

Honestly, I was needing a few more features in my newsletter functionality, so I’m going to look at this as a positive.



With the holidays upon us, I’ll keep this week’s newsletter short. I’ve been a little under the weather the past few days. Covid tests are negative, but I’ve been hacking and coughing and dealing with a spontaneous (often at the worst possible moment) bloody nose. Yesterday was really bad. Today, after an early bedtime and an overnight Benadryl cocktail, I feel a little better. 

My plan is to take the next several days off from work. I haven’t had a single day off since I started writing comics professionally, so this plan may not hold. I’ll give it a go, though. I need the time to decompress, though. 2024 is gonna be a monster! A good monster, mind you. Like Gamera. Busy as Hell, though. Busy Gamera. And, sure, he’s friend to all children, but he’s more of a friend to me and my deadlines.

Lots of new work. Lots of new plans.

2024 is gonna be my year! A year of horror and fantastic adventures! A year of monsters and aliens and bizarre creatures! A year of unbridled fun! 2023, that was a bad year—one I will never think of again.

I hope.

Next issue, I’ll break down some of what’s going on and give some exciting hints of things to come.

Well, if you’re reading this, it means the new platform is working. I hope it is and this didn’t get trapped in a spam folder hellscape. 

Hope you enjoyed the issue. Hope your week is full of good will and cheer. And I hope you are looking forward to a great new year!

I’ll be back with you before the end of the year, I think. An early edition of my next issue, just to help you celebrate in style!

Dan Brereton, James O’Barr, and Cullen Bunn at a BBQ joint in Texas, circa… 2018.

Dan Brereton, James O’Barr, and I at a BBQ joint in Texas, circa… 2018

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I’ve been watching a lot of Christmas flicks and shows this week, as well as trying to catch up on a few movies I missed over the last few months. I watched BARBIE, SUITABLE FLESH, and WHEN EVIL LURKS this week. Also (because BARBIE was fun) I decided to re-watch ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD.

And, yes, I made myself a pitcher of margaritas to go with it.

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A visual array of my upcoming books
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All events are subject to change at a moment’s notice, but here is where I’ll be appearing in the next several months!

February 3, 2024 - ARTCON, Neosho, Missouri

May 31 - June 2, 2024 - TREMENDICON, Springfield, Missouri

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THE SHOCK SHOP - My online store, where you can find exclusive covers you can only get directly from me!

PATREON - Here, I post a serialized novel, a serialized comic book, short stories, and other cool materials.

THE CULLEN BUNN DISCORD SERVER - A place for fans to hang out and talk about comics, books, movies, games, collecting, and whatever else strikes their fancy.

MY AMAZON AUTHOR PAGE - Listen. You should always shop at your local comic and bookstore first, but if they don’t carry the books you want, you might be able to get them here. And, if nothing else, leave some reviews of the books you love.

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