Decades ago, while sitting at my desk, I drew a shark an index card. I did a lot of doodling back in those days. The shark, though, was boring on its own. So, I added mechanical legs and a robotic claw arm and missile launchers and the like to the shark. I daydreamed of a world where the sharks, growing weary of waiting for tasty human morsels to go for a dip in the waters of Amity Island, built themselves weapons of war to invade the surface lands. I envisioned a MARS ATTACK style story. Th

I called this genius concept ATTACK OF THE ATTACKING SHARKS.

The sequel (because I knew it was going to be a big hit) was titled RETURN OF THE ATTACK OF THE RETURNING ATTACKING SHARKS.


Damn, I’m a creative powerhouse. 

Anyhow, let’s talk panic attacks. 

Seems for appropriate than talking turkey. Even with this crazy diet I’m undertaking, I’ve had less turkey than panic attacks. At least three a day, usually a few more, every day for the past week. They’re not new. As you know, if you’ve followed this newsletter for a bit, I started having them several months ago. Their frequency has just increased.  

For me, these Owl Creek Bridge Occurrences manifests as my heart racing, my stomach clenching up, and my hands trembling, along with the odd sensation of tremendous weight pressing in on me from all directions. 

Where are these joyous slices of anxiety coming from? I don’t know. Lack of time… both in the short term and the long term. Unavoidable last minute changes in my schedule. The knowledge—the certainty—that something awful is inevitably right around the corner. Worries about the future. A fear that I’m letting my family down in some way.

I mean… what are ANY of you going to do once I’m gone?

There are a few coping mechanisms that have helped me crush an encroaching panic attack. Taking long, deep breaths. Going on aimless walks. Mentally focusing on what small thing I can do RIGHT NOW to improve the situation that’s causing the attack. And (maybe weirdly) working.

And no—no, no, no, for pity’s sweet soul, no—I’m not glorifying work. I’m telling you what works for me. If you are suffering from panic attacks, figure out what works for you or contact your physician for some guidance. 

All Hail, our Most Holy Master, Work.

Hello, I’m Cullen Bunn, and apparently I’m a very anxious person this week. Welcome to NIGHTMARE FUEL! I know, I know. Everyone thinks I’m a happy-go-lucky ray of goddamn sunshine, but I think it’s good to know that I’m the same bundle of frazzled nerves as everyone else. This is the 207th edition of this newsletter. Let’s get on to the fun stuff, shall we? 

The campaign for COPYCAT ends in...

...and we can really use your help to make it a reality. 

Sarah, a talented ER nurse, has the unique ability to diagnose her patients with just one touch. Unfortunately, her power comes at a painful cost, as she suffers the same agony as those she cares for. When a mysterious woman named Emma dies in her arms, Sarah inadvertently leaches Emma’s extraordinary superhuman ability to fight. Sarah is then hunted by Emma’s killers, forced to leach more and more powers from an onslaught of superhuman assassins to stay alive. With any luck, she’ll survive long enough to solve Emma’s murder, and bring them all down.

And here’s an interview Heath and I did for Comic Book Yeti!

The second week of my video trivia challenge is live! This week, I'm visiting the world of THE PURGE! Check out the questions and see how you do!

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Next week, the trivia questions will revolve around sci-fi/horror fusions!

I have several themes planned, but if you have ideas for future segments you’d like to see, I’d love it if you share them! 

In addition to the trivia videos, the lovely Cindy and I have been recording new episodes of our podcast, THE BUNNGALOW, and we’ll be launching those very soon. We wanted to have a few in the can, so to speak, before we started posting them, because we really want to do a better job of keeping up with them. Fear not! The new season launches soon… and from what I can tell during recording… I’m just as much of a jackass as ever. Last night, someone told me being a jackass was my superpower. It’s nice to know I’m finally using these gifts for good. 

As I prepare to hit send on this newsletter, I’m looking toward a day of interviews, video recording (’s Happy Hour), and writing. The book I’m working on right now is one no one will expect from me. Hell! I didn’t expect it from myself! But I think it will be fun and exciting once it is announced. 

The past week was fairly productive, with me knocking out some more comic scripts. I also scripted a couple of micro-films I think will be produced soon! I also managed to get my Random House account figured out so I can start ordering my own books to stock at conventions and on my website. In addition, I did a bit of work on the Tremendicon Writer and Comic Guest List. 

This coming week is going to be a monster. A ton of comic and screenplay and prose work MUST be accomplished or I’ll never be able to show my face in Snake Mountain again! I’ve gotta work ahead, because I know the following week will have a couple of days during which I will not be able to work. I also have a few more interviews to do, some live pitches, and some more trivia and Bunngalow to record! 

I’m hustling, folks!

Here are the books that will be coming out this week!



In the plagued city of Yharnam, hunters Gretchen and Abraham search for their missing protégé. Under the blood moon, a scourge of beasts stalk the streets, and a new threat lurks around every corner.

To all things… and ending!

This is the final issue of BLOODBORNE for me… for now. I had an absolute blast working on these comics and I would love to do more in the world. We’ll see if we can make that happen! I know the whole crew is interested in doing more.


With Nick still held captive, Hector shows him to the survivors where Nick will have to face the consequences of his past. Meanwhile, Monica and Andrew are forced down a spiral of depravity by the Killer.

Here we are, entering the final arc of the series! It’s hard to believe, really! This book has been one wild ride, and I’ve been really digging the reaction to the series! It only gets bloodier… and nastier… from here. 


One of my favorite pictures from back in the day. 2013, I believe. I had been a full-time writer for 2 years, at this point, and my house was just messy enough to prove it. Toys on the table, kiddo charging at me with a pillow smash at the ready. When people ask me how you carve out time to write, this is the image I think about. Sometimes, you just write a sentence or two between whatever life is throwing your way.

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Does going to bed early count as an obsession? Because, I gotta tell you, there is absolutely nothing I’ve loved more in the last week. 

In terms of reading, I’ve kind of fallen off. That’s the danger of being overwhelmed, I guess. I actually had a dream last night about finding some extra time to read, and I was sad when I woke up. I’ll get back on track soon. My library cart is loaded with great books to try. 

I started watching the new season of REACHER, and I think it’s a lot of fun. Not sure how it ranks against the first season just yet. But I dig it. I also started watching AGT: FANTASY LEAGUE, and I already love it.  

I’ve been thinking a LOT about movie posters of late and starting to collect those again. This week, I nabbed a couple of posters, one to promote the HELLRAISER comic book series, one a British poster for NIGHTBREED.

I’ve been noodling with a new game on my iPad called ALIEN INVASION. It’s a time waster. You play as a tentacle alien wandering around a lab eating people. Not sure how long I’ll play it, but it is kind of satisfying when my little alien just destroys a cluster of humans in seconds.

And, hey. Godzilla is always an obsession.

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All events are subject to change at a moment’s notice, but here is where I’ll be appearing in the next several months!I 

February 3, 2024 - ARTCON, Neosho, Missouri

May 31 - June 2, 2024 - TREMENDICON, Springfield, Missouri

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