Nightmare Fuel, Issue 210

Nightmare Fuel, Issue 210

ISSUE 210: The Horror Hootenanny

The first convention of the year (for me) is in the books. A few days ago, I attended Art Con in Neosha Missouri. It was a small convention, held in a junior high, but it was well attended, the fans seemed excited to be there, there were a lot of cool artists and writers set up, and a good time was had by all. 

This was the first convention I had the REGRESSION and LAMENTATION hardcovers and CROOKED HILLS on hand, and they were both well-received. So happy people are discovering REGRESSION for the first time. And I think if they like that book, then LAMENTATION is gonna be right up their alley. And a few younger readers found copies of CROOKED HILLS, which made my day. I didn’t bring a TON of stock this time around, but THE DAMNED is still finding new readers, as is UNEARTH and even A PASSAGE IN BLACK. 

I saw a creator post on social media somewhere that you can have a best-selling, well-regraded book that’s out forever, and you’ll still get so many people who never knew it existed. It’s very true. Marketing comics is a tough battle. No matter how much you talk about the book, someone is still going to accidentally stumble upon it, never knowing it existed. Hell, DEADPOOL KILLS THE MARVEL UNIVERSE is one of Marvel’s bestselling comics, and I saw several people posting “What is this book?” on social media just recently. So, the back stock is important and always a source of new readership! I’ll be stocking up before my next show. 

During the convention, I hosted CULLEN’S HORROR HOOTENANNY, where I talked about horror, asked a series of horror trivia questions, and handed out free comic books. Most of the questions were drawn from my Youtube Channel trivia questions. I think everyone had fun, but I’m worried that the questions might be too hard. I might need to re-evaluate my online trivia questions as I move ahead. 

The next convention for me is Planet Comicon (one of my faves every year) in Kansas City. It’s a much bigger event and definitely a lot more hectic for me. But I’m already looking forward to the show!

Hey, folks! Welcome back to another issue of NIGHTMARE FUEL! I’m your host, Cullen Bunn, a “whiskey for my men, beer for my horses” kind of guy, and I’m pleased as punch that you’re here. 

Last week was a busy one for me. Besides the convention… besides scripting comics… besides editing my next anthology… besides working on the feature film and novel… I’ve been working on something I think will be kind of big. 

Want a hint?

Here ya go:

What's this? A new logo for THIS VERY NEWSLETTER?

Actually, no.

This is a logo... a "button"... for something new... something I've been hinting at for a while now. 

Don't worry. All the g(l)ory details will be revealed very soon.

Let’s forge ahead.

The COPYCAT campaign has been extended by a couple of days, and we only need, as I’m writing this, $251 for the campaign to be successful. If you haven’t supported the campaign, you only have…

…to do so. 

Let’s make this one happen!


Sarah, a talented ER nurse, has the unique ability to diagnose her patients with just one touch. Unfortunately, her power comes at a painful cost, as she suffers the same agony as those she cares for. When a mysterious woman named Emma dies in her arms, Sarah inadvertently leaches Emma’s extraordinary superhuman ability to fight. Sarah is then hunted by Emma’s killers, forced to leach more and more powers from an onslaught of superhuman assassins to stay alive. With any luck, she’ll survive long enough to solve Emma’s murder, and bring them all down.

I almost—ALMOST—didn’t get this week’s trivia to upload. I am, by no means, an editing expert, but this time around it was a giant-sized pain to just get this video where it was supposed to me. In fact, I didn’t get it uploaded until about 5 minutes before this newsletter went out! Anyhow, we’re talking werewolves this time around! I hope you dig it!


Some of those Lucas has met on his path are in grave danger-targets for assassins, and it's up to him to help them. And in a panic, he tries to get Harmony on the phone... knowing she's far from safe and time is running out.

RETROVERSE Trade Paperback

After a wild, drunken party, 19-year-old Kacy wakes up in an alternate universe, one where she has been dead for thirteen years. She must navigate the heartbreaking waters of a world that seems to have turned out much better without her in it. And she must do so while wielding newly-discovered, terrifying abilities against alien horrors. Collects the five issue Retroverse series originally published on Comixology.


My pal JimmyZ Johnston and I a few years back at Jimmy’s comic store THE LITTLE SHOP OF COMICS. Jimmy’s wearing his old “Cullen Was Right” shirt. 

I should really do stickers of that image. 

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May 31 - June 2, 2024 - TREMENDICON, Springfield, Missouri

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