Nightmare Fuel, Issue 224

Nightmare Fuel, Issue 224

ISSUE 224 - Panic Apocalypse

Sad news from Snake Mountain.

Over the weekend, we had to say goodbye to our beloved friend Shadow. He’s not been doing well at all for a few weeks. We knew our days together were coming to an end. Still, I think we foolishly or selfishly hoped we had a little more time. 

Shadow was a terrific companion, and I’ll miss him terribly.

Anyhow, this issue will be brief.

Frankly, I just haven’t thought of putting it together until this morning as yet another thunderstorm rolled through. 

I appreciate you being here for my tempest-fueled rapid rambling. 

My journey to health has been a little fouled up of late. I had lost a bit of weight, but I think I’ve gained it back and then some due to stress eating and stress drinking.

If you have been following this newsletter, then you know I’ve been dealing with quite a few panic attacks over the last few months. More than once in the past couple of weeks, these “attacks” have manifested as full-blown panic apocalypses. They’re really difficult to explain, but they are as terrifying as they are awful. 

So, I’m back to watching what I eat this week. No red meat. No fried foods. Mostly salads. No pizza, pasta, cookies, or cake.

I realize, though, I made a terrible error in judgement. On Satruday, I bought myself a little container of Stranger Things Scoops Ahoy Void-flavored ice cream. It was meant to be a last treat before going back on my diet. But I forgot to crack it open last night. 

Over on Fangoria, I have shared a look at another character/comic from the BEYOND MORTAL universe. I’ve also offered up a few details about what I have planned for this superhero/super-horror world. 

Give THE MURK a read here

Did you miss out on the free JUMPSCARE comic that was recently posted? Check that one out, too!

If you haven’t pre-ordered BEYOND MORTAL from your favorite comic book retailer, now is the time!

I have one more free BEYOND MORTAL mini-comic that will be posting soon! Keep your eyes peeled!

Did you know that the computer with which I do most of my work is, like, twelve years old? It’s been a good machine, but lately it’s been locking up, shutting down, losing work, and just running super slow. I’ve done what I can to keep it rolling along over the last year or so, but I just ordered a new computer set up that will be here this week.

I think I got more computer than I really need but, then again, my words are far, far too powerful for any ordinary computer.

I’m excited to see how this new rig compares to my current computer. I’m assuming it will mean a doubling or tripling of my productivity!

In about 10 minutes, I’m heading out to the TV station to…

…tell them not to broadcast the Silver Shamrock commercial?

No, that’s still a few months away. 

Today, I’m heading out to participate in another interview for Tremendicon!

That convention is just a couple of weeks away, which is hard to believe! I’m really looking forward to having the chance to hang out with a bunch of great people. JimmyZ, Heath Amodio, and I will almost definitely be planning world domination during the event!

I finished up THE SOUTHERN BOOK CLUB’S GUIDE TO SLAYING VAMPIRES by Grady Hendrix. Great book! I immediately jumped into my re-read of THE SCREAM by Skipp and Spector. Of course, another friend of mine just read Robert McCammon’s SWAN SONG for the first time, and that made me want to re-read THAT book. I’ve also been talking to a few different folks about McCammon’s BOY’S LIFE, which makes me want to read THAT book again, too!

I’ve been catching up on SURVIVOR and just started watching OZARK.

And, while pouring one out for Dabney Coleman, I watched one of my favorite 80s movies, CLOAK & DAGGER, over the weekend. I must have watched that movie dozens of times when I was a kid. Haven’t re-watched in quite a while, though, and I had forgotten some of it. Had a great time revisiting it. 

Here I am doing an interview for Tremendicon at 104.7 The Cave. Obviously, I had just said something very clever (I tend to do that) right before Roman (who joined me before going to take his drivers exam) snapped this shot. 

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